Love and bonding to grow stronger between Amar and Bhushan on Tum Hi Ho Bandhu...

Trilokchand to assign management of shop to Amar and not Bhushan. Will Bhushan sacrifice for Amar?

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The makers of Zee TV's Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi will soon churn out an interesting track focusing on the love and bonding between the two brothers - Amar (Vineet Raina) and Bhushan (Neil Bhatt).

The story line will soon unfold a fresh drama where Trilokchand (Tushar Dalvi) will assign the ownership right of the shop to Amar who is his nephew and not Bhushan. 

This decision will infuriate Shreya (Sreejita De) and she will try to provoke Bhushan that he should fight for the ownership of the shop as he is Trilokchand's righful heir while Bhushan will support his father's decision and will try to explain her that Amar is the elder son of the family and he should be the one handling the shop.

So where is the twist?

Of what we hear, Amar will overhere the conversation and he will try to do things which will make Trilokchand change his decision. Bhushan on the other hand will make certain sacrifices in support of Amar. 

A credible source informs us, "This fresh story line will showcase the affection and adoration Amar and Bhushan have for each other. Amar is indebted of Trilokchand as he brought him up from childhood and hence when he will over here Bhushan's conversation with Shreya, he will immediately change his mind to take over the management of the shop."

When we contacted Neil Bhatt for confirming the track he stated, "I cannot give out details or confirm the upcoming drama but all I can say is that the creatives and writers are bringing out the true flavour of the show. The upcoming track is well written and I hope the shots come out in the way we have planned."

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Is there anyway if we could please get some news or segments of #AjNa #ChandniKabeer. Miss them a lot. #THBST

8 years ago

bakwaas show...shreya turning negative is something that was not expected... plus please focus on other siblings besides amar, bhushan, and ajay

8 years ago

disappointment is understatement , it never followed concept , shallow n superficial story n presentation , n worse the way they butchered bankable actors like neil n sreejita. lost faith n trust in PH

8 years ago

this show is creatively poor , and there is nothing likable here , sreejita would love to see u in worthy show

8 years ago

Chandni Bhagwanani and Kabeer K all the best. You guys make the show bearable.

8 years ago

never expected this kind of behaviour n treatment from shashisumeet
sreejita choose ur next show wisely just don't accept offer in 1 day

8 years ago

all the best for future sreejitade , as show has no future

8 years ago

Chandni Bhagwanani and Kabeer K are brilliant actors. I watch the show mostly for Sanjana and Ajay. Now, I hope to see more of Vinati and Amar.

8 years ago

We Neil Bhatt fans are totally appalled to see how Bhushan and Shreya character is butchered the damaged has been done...watever. Continue...

Neil Bhatt u are fab and terrific actor. Jes stuck. At wrong. Place

8 years ago

Love this family show... My fav is Ajay and Sanjana ... They r d cutest couple ever

8 years ago

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