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'Love and blessing can keep a relationship going' - Richa Sony

Richa Sony aka Bindiya of Colors Bhagyavidhaata talks her heart out with Tellybuzz!

Published: Wednesday,May 12, 2010 17:54 PM GMT-06:00
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Richa Sony who plays Bindiya in Colors' Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata Bhagyavidhaata, reveals many facets of her true personality in an exclusive interview with Tellybuzz.

Richa starts off on a guarded ground to go ahead and show that she can be a playful, naughty, die-hard romantic, professional and spiritual girl too!

Over to Richa Sony

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When you first heard the concept of Bhagyavidhaata, what was your reaction?
Well, I wasn't immediately finalized to play the role so didn't have many feelings about it. But yes, as a concept it was amazing. After giving the auditions I just felt that whoever plays the role of Bindiya is a lucky girl.

Was it unbelievable to you that even now such things happen in our country?
See, I'm from Bihar and such things are rampant there. So I was pretty aware of these happenings. In fact, during school days my friend herself had to go through this. Her brother was abducted at gunpoint while he was travelling in a bus and forced to marry a girl.

Were you confident right at the first go that you can portray the character?
Well, I don't know what to say to that. Bindiya, I realized is very similar to me. But how much of her will I be able to portray fairly I didn't know. But yes, I had determined to give my 100% to the character if at all I bagged the role.

How much is your character different from you?
Bindiya is very patient. Her patience is something I am yet to learn. Also, I'm practical whereas she is very emotional. She thinks from her heart.

According to you how should marriages happen?
Be it love- marriage or arranged- marriage it hardly matters. But it's a very personal thought or say observation of mine, no offense to anyone at all please, that in all the love marriages the boy is very supportive of the girl. He sees to it that the girl is comfortable in every way after the marriage. Whereas in arranged marriage, there's a lot more responsibility on the girl. She has to first make that effort to understand her hubby and then his family. Of course, parents play a very important role here. Nowadays they are cool with any kind of marriage and even children are wise to know enough before jumping into a relationship with anybody.  Only love and blessing can keep a relationship going…just like we walk with both our legs…love and blessing are two feet that will help a couple traverse those many miles of life.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I studied in North Point Children's school in Muzaffarpur. I was very naughty back then. There wasn't a teacher left in my school who hadn't punished me. I scored very average marks as I was not at all interested in studying. But in all extracurricular activities I made sure I came first. There were days when I've sat down with my mom and questioned –When will I get 1st rank in studies. My mom (Savita), the sweetheart that she is always made me understand by saying - You have to come first in life beta. It helped, especially because my younger sister Rhea always scored top of the class grades! (Laughs) And, eventually in my tenth boards, would you believe it, I did bag 1st rank!

Were you always interested in acting?
Yes, in my seventh standard I remember I said this line – I wanna be famous. I didn't even know the meaning of that word and the parameters involved in being famous. But yet all I knew was to be that, to be in the limelight. So I planned my education that way. After school, I went to MDDM college in Muzaffarpur and got formal training in acting from Allahabad's Prayag Sangeet Samiti. And I believe that Durga Maa is my second mom, and I always asked her to make me famous (smiles).

And now you are. Has it been very easy for you?
No it hasn't been. Because I didn't bag a lead role right away. Also, to come to Mumbai in itself was a big struggle for me. Mom was always supportive of my dreams to be an actress. I had to convince papa (Rajkumar Sony) a lot to come here.

Is your sister an actor too?
No, but she is also into a creative field, she does fashion designing.

What are your hobbies?
I sketch a lot, but just pencil sketching. I'm not very good with colors. I like to read and watch films especially horror films. I don't socialize much. Just love being at home. If at all loneliness gets too biting I go take a walk on the beach.

Do you get lonely often?
Not really as my sister also stays with me. I also got a Labrador, Dollar and two gold fishes Cheeni and Chikki (laughs). So we're a tiny family here. But yes I do miss my family. So whenever I get few days off I go to visit my parents.  Or else I and my sister go to the north to do river rafting. We are very fond of that.

After the Colors Holi party, rumors abounded that you and Vishal Karwal are dating in real life?
What? Me and Vishal are seeing each other (laughs). There's an onscreen chemistry between us that's built up during the course of work but apart from that he's a very good friend. My equation with him is similar to the one I share with every member of the fraternity. I think the relationship between a couple has limitations whereas that between friends is limitless and I'm happy to be having such a liberating relationship with Vishal. I'm single currently and I'm not looking forward to getting involved with anyone as I'd like to focus on my career right now.

You being here in Mumbai, with parents back in hometown. How do they handle all these rumors?
My parents are very cool and I'm so thankful for that. They know me very well so don't even ask questions. There hasn't come a situation where I've actually had to sit and explain such matters to them. They know that even for a four day holiday I come home to be with them. With so much of my free time spent with them, it's obvious to my parents too that I possibly can't be squeezing in a boyfriend!

Say, if and when you fall in love, would you be able to confront your parents casually about it? You think they'll agree to your choice of life-partner?
They love me so much that they will not object to the boy that I've chosen. (Suddenly, Richa trails off and opens up her personal bubble to elaborate her dream!)  And it's my fantasy …I have a fetish for hot-air balloons, you see. So when the love of my life proposes me it should be on a hot air balloon with a bunch of roses and a diamond ring. I don't want my feet to be on the ground when my love proposes to me…so that's why hot air balloon!

What qualities should your life partner have?
I would love for him not be a male chauvinist pig (laughs). He should accept me for who I am including all my eccentric little habits. He should be proud if I'm successful. There should be no place for gender ego between us.

Apart from all about your 'prince charming' what things have you thought about your future?
I'm not a very over-confident person when it comes to my work. I'm more subtle and balanced. I think I'll take things as they come. I will definitely focus on my acting for a while now and then shift my focus to dancing. You can look forward to a few concerts in the near future. I strive to be known as a versatile actress so I will take as varied roles as I possibly can.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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mallikaBalu 12 years ago Hey Richa, you do deserve the role in Bhagya vidhata.I only wish that the story had a better way of unfolding where the two lead characters are considered.
All the best.
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trsk_4eve 12 years ago she comes across as sweet and sensible girl

all the very best to her.
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Nishtha 13 years ago sorry for being so late but ROCK nd i soo admire respect adore love are my sweettooo nd always remain one !!

I am fond of intellegent people anyways hehe...
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sunsay 13 years ago honest answers as always richa sis , love u >>>>

god bless you .....
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misty_drastifan 13 years ago excellent answers.... She came across as a very mature and balanced person in her interview which exactly is the opinion i had about her...I loved the hot air balloon comment...Richa, i hope all your dreams come true. i like her humbleness and simplicity. All the best Richa.
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_.SnowFlakes._ 13 years ago she is a good actress & seems a perfect
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Bonai 13 years ago excellent answers.... she is a good actress & seems a perfect now a days family girl.... all the best
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regalla 13 years ago i thought she was a sikh girl..i was under this impression that 'Soni' is a sikh surname... this is news to me that she is from Bihar.....

by the way, she really seems to be a level-headed girl....good.....nice and sensible answers.......
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Shaina_b 13 years ago I like her views on friendship!!!!Definately a balanced and level-headed girl!!!!

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Sri_Nidhi 13 years ago Much awaited interview.For the first time i am seeing some sensible answers. i like her humbleness and simplicity. All the best Richa.
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