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Lion to ruin Raghav and Pallavi’s lives in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’

Raghav’s old enemy Lion to create a havoc in his and Pallavi’s life.

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Lion, Raghav and Pallavi

Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is entertaining the viewers. The audience is in awe of the beautiful couple Raghav Rao and Pallavi Deshmukh played by Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar, respectively. The show is produced by SOL Productions and Sandiip Films. 

The current track of the show revolves around Raghav and Amma giving a nod to Keerti’s marriage with Sunny. However, Pallavi is sure that Sunny is not the right guy for Keerti. Sunny hates Pallavi and her attitude.

In the upcoming episode, Lion makes a re-entry into the show. Lion has been Raghav only enemy and after getting him arrested, Raghav was certain that he doesn’t have any other enemies. However, Lion got released from jail. Sunny hits Lion with his car and gets an injured Lion at his house. Lion learns that Sunny has a connection with Pallavi and Raghav Rao. He also understands that Pallavi and Raghav have married each other.

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Furthermore, Lion plans to conspire against Raghav and Pallavi by befriending Sunny. Later, Lion sees Sharda and Pallavi hugging each other. He gets confused as to how Mandar’s mother and Pallavi are connected. He is sure that Pallavi doesn’t know about Raghav’s involvement in Mandar’s death.

As per the new promo, it will be revealed that Pallavi’s husband Mandar was killed because of Raghav. Furthermore, the audience can expect high voltage drama as amidst Raghav-Pallavi’s budding romance, Mandar will make his grand entry in the show.

Shivangi Khedkar Sai Ketan Rao Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali  Star Plus 

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moksha89 2 months ago This show is so unique that I don’t think Lion/ Mandarin-track could cause a maha-unnecessary MU btwn RaghVi (knock on wood bc I don’t want to jinx anything) 😂 It helps Aayi explained to Pallu what belief in one’s spouse means during the Vat Savitri puja.
Tbh, mehndi fans love the baddies, too - everyone has an alag si swag in MHRW
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RosyRosh 2 months ago Mehndi hai rachne waali

Sai ketan rao

Shivangi khedkar
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ReemShah 3 months ago Lion's entry always brings RaghVi closer...excited to see how the drama in MHRW unfolds
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meghna1610 3 months ago excited for the new track.. Lion will bring Raghvi closer... love this show.. and the excellent cast
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Vits 3 months ago Great show
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Viewpoint 3 months ago Bring it on!!! Real villains coming up, now that's fun! Protagonist meets antagonist, but in this case, Raghav too has gray shades which makes things even more interesting!
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RosyRosh 3 months ago Sai ketan rao
Shivangi khedkar

Mehndi hai rachne wali

Best show
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Taaniii 3 months ago Can't Wait to see RR in action..
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I-Got-You 3 months ago Super excited to see Lion back again
Hopefully we'll get some cute RaghVi scenes again too 🙈🤩Shivangi Khedkar and Sai Ketan Rao are amazing

Welcome back Ankit Gulati
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Joyness 3 months ago Lovely show leads and story
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