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'Learning is a long never-ending process' - Ekta Tiwari

Ekta Tiwari aka Radha of Star Plus' Tere Mere Sapne in a candid chat with Tellybuzz


Ekta Tiwari has come a long way, and after assisting few directors, working on the creative aspects of a popular reality show on television, she is now popularly known as Radha of Tere Mere Sapne on Star Plus.

Here is the actress as she speaks about her experience as an actor. She also talks about her opinion on the show being shifted to the afternoon slot in spite of having a good TRP.

Tell us something about your background…
I hail from Indore and after my initial studies, I shifted to Delhi. I did a two year Diploma in acting from Shriram Centre for Performing Art, Delhi. After that, I came to City of Dreams, Mumbai, and assisted few directors in films. Also I worked as a Project Head for Wizcraft for Nach Baliye 4 and also did a voice over for Girish Mani. My acting spree started when I bagged an important role of Saudamini in Nitin Chandrakant Desai's Rani Padmini. Then on, I played Lord Ganesh's wife in Ganesh Leela, but left the show when I was offered to play a lead in Tere Mere Sapne.

What made you to take up acting?
Art has always been a part of me and I am a trained classical dancer and have completed a diploma in Kathak. During my college days too, I used to take part in plays. I wanted to be actor, provided I learn the techniques first. Hence I was going to enroll myself in National School of Drama, but I moved into Mumbai before that.

How has been your journey so far in the industry?
The journey has been good so far and since I had a prior knowledge about the production work, it was easy for me to understand everything. And I know very well, the sort of issues a production house faces, and that made me easy to get along with them.

Was it difficult to play double role? What is so special about the role?
I did not find the role difficult; in fact I enjoyed playing double role in the show and I am happy that I got a chance to play various shades in one show. It is true that playing two characters is challenging, but in real life I am more like Radha who is very sweet and simple.

What have you learnt so far about acting?
I have learned many things about acting and I believe that learning is a long never ending process. I discuss my scenes and lines with my co-stars and directors and it is good to know that they have a diverse vision that helps me to improve.

With whom you think you have a better on screen chemistry Yash Pandit or Saurabh Pandey?
This one is tricky because actually they both are very nice human beings, but I think audience used to love my on screen chemistry more with Saurabh.

Do you think you are getting a deserved appreciation for your role?
I am getting my bit of appreciation but I wish I could get more and it really feels nice when I get compliments from people around.

Do you think that it was unfair on the channel's part to push your show in the noon slot?
It was unfair because, the show was gaining a TRP of more that 2 when our show was pushed in the noon slot. They should have given us more time as it would have been really good for the show if it had had a Primetime slot.

With whom you gel well on the sets? Have you managed to make any friends in the industry?
I gel well with everyone on the sets, be it the actors or the crew. Along with my co-actors, I do have made many friends in the production house as I know their work and I also understand their problems. Sometimes it really hurts when actors yell at them without any reason because if they give a thought, they will realize that the crew is just doing their job.

How do you spend your holiday?
I barely get any holidays, but whenever I get, I am always informed at the last moment because of which I can't plan anything. I am a complete home girl and like to do all the household work like cooking and I also sleep.

What are your hobbies?
I love Dancing, reading books and traveling and I got a chance to travel across India when I was doing plays with my theatre group.

What is your educational background?
I have done diploma in Electronics and later did correspondence of Bachelor in Commerce.

What are your future plans?
I never plan my future but I want to do movies which are off beat like Bheja Fry, Page 3 and I prefer doing realistic movies or shows.

What kind of shows you are looking out for?
I look at the content, script and role before taking up any shows. I feel that audience should be able to connect to your character easily and will do only those shows which are real and convincing.

Are you open for reality shows? If yes of what kind?
I would love to do dance reality shows since I am a trained dancer and whenever I hear music I immediately start tapping my feet.

Describe your dream man?
He should be, understanding, caring, intelligent and compatible and should be a person who wouldn't worsen the problems instead of finding solutions (Laughs).

How important is it for an actress to be good looking?
I do not feel it is necessary and I believe that talent is more important than looks.

What I watch on TV...
I generally watch movies, music or news channels on television. You get to learn many things when you watch movies, Music soothes your mind and news channels keep you updated with current affairs. So TV is a complete package of entertainment and information for me. I think Zee Cinema shows good Bollywood movies and Star World, HBO and WB always telecast really good Hollywood movies. I have seen 3 Idiots and Taare Zameen Par countless number of times so and I used to watch Friends also. As I am a trained dancer, I love to watch dance reality shows also and when I was doing Nach Baliye, I used to follow it regularly. Currently, I love So You Think You Can Dance.

Which was the most struggling part of your life?
It was when I lost my father two months back and it was very tough time for me. I used to feel completely lost and felt like there was nothing left in my life. The time was so depressing that I spent four days alone and it was such a worst feeling that I can't even explain it.

The craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?
I haven't heard any such crazy rumour about me.

Tell something about your nature…
I am very simple, friendly, calm and cool person. I have a bad temper though it disperses very quickly.

One thing you want to change about yourself…
My temper of course and I need to learn time management. I also keep promising to meet and call people but eventually I forget it because of my hectic working schedules.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I do not know because five years is a huge span of time. But I think I will be here in the industry doing some better roles.

Would you prefer a holiday at beach or up in the mountain?
I would say Hill station, because I want to explore more and more places and also I would like to visit Himachal and Uttaranchal again.

Which is your favorite actor-actress and why?
Madhubala, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherjee and Kajol, they all are very good actress. Among actors, I am great fan of Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan.

Your best time pass?
Reading books or newspaper and dance.

Your best friend and tell something about your friendship?
I have many friends, but I think my best friends are my mother and brother as I share each and everything with them.

Your best feature?
My smile.

Party animal or home body?
It depends on mood, I like to party with my friends and sometimes like to be at home.

Your good luck charm?
I do not believe in the concept of good luck charm.

For you acting is?
Acting is everything; it is my life and a great form of art too.

Which is your favorite place in India and abroad?
In India my home in Indore is my favourite place. I have never been to abroad so far, but given a chance I would like to go to New York and Switzerland one day.

Your dream role?
I like female oriented movies and I love Smita Patil's role from Mirch Masala, Madhubala's role from Chalti Ka Naam Gadi and from Mughal-E-Azam, Madhuri Dixit's character from Anjam.

Who is your ideal?
My mother and my father.


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