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Kevin gets directly eliminated; Kat joins him while Samruddhi-Trevon get dumped from MTV Splitsvilla X3

Gear up for an interesting episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

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Kevin, Kat, Samruddhi and Trevom

Courtesy : VOOT and Samruddhi's Instagram

MTV Splitsvilla X3 has been getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The show is nearing its finale and has become intense. In the previous episode, Nikita Bhamidipati and Samarthya Gupta got eliminated. Nikhil-Bhoomika became the ideal match and replaced Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput from Gold Villa.

In the last episode, amidst the task, Kevin got extremely aggressive and got physical with Shivam leaving him extremely hurt. Shivam was given medical assistance immediately.

In the upcoming episode, Shivam is taken to the hospital while Sapna and Kat discuss about the incident and state that Shivam must be faking an injury. Shivam’s friends Nikhil and Jay lost their calm and had an argument with Kevin’s friends Sapna, Dhruv, Trevon and Kat. The Splitsvillains receive a stroll in which they were called for a dome session.

In the dome session, Rannvijay called Shivam, who entered with a neck band and it was revealed that he was in a hospital for a check-up and he did get hurt brutally. Kevin was also called and he tried to apologize to Shivam and others. However, he had to leave the show. Kat also decided to walk out of the show along with Kevin.

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As per the previous task, Jay and Aditi got saved from the elimination. The two couples who ended up in the dome session were Piyush-Avantika and Samruddhi-Trevon. Dhruv got an unexceptional advantage and he got the power to decide which couple would go infront of the oracle. The chosen couple if turns out to be an ideal match, will be saved and the other one will be dumped. If the couple is not an ideal match, they’ll be dumped.

Dhruv selects Trevon and Samruddhi to go in front of the oracle. They didn’t end up becoming an ideal match and were dumped. This was the last and probably one of the most heavy dome sessions of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

After returning to Splitsvilla, Dhruv and Sapna sulked as their friends left the show while Boombam gang rejoiced.

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