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Kashmera Shah on Aarti Singh: I never understood her game

In an exclusive conversation with Kashmera, we spoke to her about Aarti's game inside the house, tips that she gave her and much more...


Aarti Singh who is currently seen inside the Bigg Boss 13 house will soon meet her Brother in the upcoming episode of the family week. Aarti who has been playing brilliantly in the show will have an emotional moment as she will meet her brother. 

We at India Forums, in an exclusive interview with Aarti's sister-in-law Kashmera Shah spoke to her about Aarti's game inside the show, various tips that she gave Aarti and much more..

What is your take on Aarti’s Game?

Very Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Bigg Boss. I only like those players in the show who are either too bad or too good. Because people only discuss and talk about them. It’s either that you don’t know the game at all or else you are very smart. I sometimes think that Aarti does not know the game at all. I never understood her game and maybe that’s why people call her confused. Aarti’s nature in reality is more like Sana which she has not shown on the show, she has not shown her cute side, she has never been away from her family for such a long time.

 But she is not a game player, she is not a reality show person and some people are not made for that. I made her understand before she entered the house but once you enter the show, either it’s Gautam Gulati, Sidharth Shukla, Paras or whoever it is, the game that you play at that time, that’s your presence of mind. Aarti has survived because she has played the game unknowingly. She has unknowingly survived the best of the worst. 

  • What are the tips that you gave Aarti?

Firstly, I told her to not enter the bathroom with someone or else I will come inside and hit her. I told her if you lose your dignity or embarrass us, then you don’t have to get worried about Bigg Boss, you don’t have to get worried about Krushna, you’ll have to worry about me. Because I have played negative roles, I have played terrorist and many strong negative roles, but I am very for women’s rights. I think no one is stronger than an Indian woman in India.

I did Bigg boss as well, I never gave anyone massages, I was never inside anyone’s blanket and I do not wish to do so. There are other things to do in Bigg Boss, it is such a beautiful and big house. 

Secondly, I told her not to refuse to do any work because no work is small. So don’t think that washing dishes is below your dignity. 

Third, I told her to not interfere in other people’s topic which she didn’t listen. She is always involved in other’s topic, like why are you bothered, let it be. But okay, she is playing her own game. 

  • Even the people who came from outside gave her this tagline, “Begaani Shaadi Me Abdullah Dewaana”. So what is your take on that?

It is Aarti’s nature, she is not playing game. Ask me , I know since 13 years, how many matters of mine she has been involved in. This is Aarti’s nature that she is very interested to know what is happening, so that way she is perfect for Bigg Boss. A lot of time, Krushna and I tell her that let it be, why do you want to know, that happens in real life. Whenever I fight with Krushna in real life, she calls me and says ‘what happened Kash’, I’m like why should I tell you, you know. I used to tell her before, but the fights which was about to get over would increase more. So this is Aarti’s nature, you can’t do anything. Whatever is being said on the internet, I am also okay with that. 

  • But people also say that if you don’t interfere in other people’s matters then you won’t be seen or they will be termed as weak.

There is nothing like that. You’re confused because you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. This is her confusion, she doesn’t know if she should stand by Sidharth because he fought now. Now why did Sidharth fight, seeing on Television we are able to view both sides. But they do not see it like this right. They can only see one side. She can’t be in two rooms at the same time, so she doesn’t know what the other person says. That’s why she doesn’t know what to do. And initially, during the initial days obviously everything is new, if I with some other contestants go inside, then even I will take 2-3 days to get set inside the house. Everyone had confusion, hers got highlighted a little more because people gave her the tag.Otherwise, she is not confused, once she decides, she will do. 

       Do you feel that she is the Mom of the house because she takes care of everyone. 

Yes, that is her nature. She likes to take care of everyone and maybe that's why they call her confused. She does not like long term enmity. She also knows that it is a show and it will get over someday. This is the type of show, that once you leave you will only think about this. 

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