Kashi's fear of Tigers

Child artist Jannat aka Kashi of Imagine is super-scared of the striped species!

Jannat, who we all know better as Imagine's Kashi is scared of tigers more than any other wild animal.

According to our source, "Eight year old Kashi is indeed having a hard time shooting for Kashi is Mumbai's FilmCity. The FilmCity borders Borivli National Park which has an envious green patch contrasting the cities grey scale. The road leading to the various studios in Film city snakes through the dense vegetation. This journey is not at all soothing to Jannat who is always uptight about a tiger jumping out of the bushes."

The source further adds, "This has compelled her mother to shoot either during day or drive only through those roads at night that are well- lit with street lamps."

Jannat has been critically acclaimed for her debut performance in Kashi as a child who fears nothing.

We only wish that she'd soon come out of the fear of Tigers and help in conserving the just 1411 left in our country.

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Im not a great tv serial fan,but kashi by far is an outstandind performance by jannat,i just cant hold back my tears when i watch her,probably the best child artist today.

14 years ago

@rekhasharma as you can see ladyglamour had asked if Kashi is muslim? not Jannat...It is clear in the article that Jannat is muslim..But kashi is not muslim

14 years ago

@piasengupta2010, Jannat is a Muslim in real life who is playing the role of Kashi, a low caste girl in the serial. Her full name is Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

14 years ago

she is damn gud as kashi. love her. she sure is a wonder.

14 years ago

shes a damn good actor...
she has got into the role so very well..luv u gal...

hope u get out of this fear very soon...

14 years ago

awwww! bless her the way she say her mums name is adorable! hope the fear goes away

14 years ago

@ladyglamour No Kashi is not Muslim but she is from a low caste person

14 years ago

I love kashi so much she is a adorable lill cutey pie....4 a 8 yrz old gal is so kwl mst be hard 2 act at hr age i culd if nt at in dis age at da age of 19 nooo way man!!!!!!but she is sweet..........hr expressions,n everythng wicked....is kashi muslim coz jannat is a muslim name...any1 cn tel me plz...?????

14 years ago

Her acting , expression is great even better than Anandi, iccha (small)

14 years ago

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