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Kashif Qureshi miffed with a news report about him

Kashif Qureshi feels that his adversaries are manipulating media professionals to portray him in bad light. Here is his side of the story..

Published: Monday,Nov 05, 2012 19:03 PM GMT-07:00
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Kashif Qureshi, the mango man who was evicted from Bigg Boss Season 6 is miffed as there have been news reports which according to him have portrayed him in jaundiced light. He was especially upset when he read in a leading daily of Hyderabad that Salman Khan is irritated that Kashif is making tall claims that the superstar had apologized to him. This specific article stated that Kashif had previously proclaimed that he was okay with returning to the Bigg Boss house but only if Salman Khan apologized to him for some comments he had passed at Kashif's expense.

Kashif called today to say that he had never demanded that Salman Khan apologize to him. He explained, "The situation is that there are a bunch of people here in Hyderabad who are famous socialites and these people have a complex with me. So since the day I entered Bigg Boss they out of extreme jealousy used their media friends to write stuff about me with an intention to destroy my reputation and relationship with some friends of mine. Today it crossed the limit when I read an article about me in one of Hyderabad's newspapers that Salman Khan is angry with me, that I had irritated him and annoyed him, so my wild card entry to the Bigg Boss house is impossible. It was so ridiculous to read it. I just want to speak about the whole situation from my side and give a true account of how jealous people can get when they see somebody from them rising to great heights."

According to Kashif, Salman Khan is simply the host of Bigg Boss. In no way can he interfere with the channel's decision as to whether he will return to a house as a wild card entry or not. He added that he isn't too keen anyway to boomerang back into the house since he can't play politics or dirty games in the house, he just can simply be himself.

 He reiterates that he didn't know Salman Khan personally before the show. He was just a Salman fan who had taken photographs with him. Kashif says, "I don't really attend socialite parties in Hyderabad, I am not a Page 3 person. However there are some people who are hungering for popularity as they are are envious of me as they want to attach themselves with Salman Khan."

Kashif says that he greatly respects Salman. He added that if there are inmates in the house who have been disrespectful towards Salman it would be Aseem Trivedi and Sapna Bhavani. He reminds us that it was after all Sapna who had abused Salman by calling him a serial woman beater and that if she won the show she would buy his painting and gift it to him. He adds that Sapna's close buddy in Bigg Boss, Aseem Trivedi had supported her and told a leading daily, "Salman Khan misbehaved with Sapna. When he overstepped the line of decency, she obviously retaliated." He adds that Sapna was continuously provoking him which is why he lost his cool in the house leading to Salman admonishing him.

 Kashif says that he is upset that he has been unfairly cornered. Regarding the confusion over the apology issue he explains, "Salman had simply apologized to me later like an older brother does to a younger brother that he shouldn't  have told me certain things in my exit interview. That is it. I had never ever asked for an apology."

Every dark cloud however has a silver lining. Talking about how his life has changed for the better post Bigg Boss he says, "The Hyderabad High Commissioner and many politicians met me. I was invited to a wedding where people interacted with me in such a way that I felt like the groom.  Director Rajesh Paul whose film Dracula was screened in the Cannes Film Festival last year has offered me one of the main roles in his next film."

We wish Kashif all the best in his forthcoming ventures. For more interesting updates on Bigg Boss Season 6 please keep visiting

Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya
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rajoberoi49 9 years ago isko kahi dekha hai..yaad nhi aa raha :P :))
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Effervescent_R 9 years ago hillarious!!!. ...d way he's talking seems as if he takes himself to b d nxt SRK. . .ROFL
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ashakd 9 years ago Ohhh just not interested in knowing about him...time waste. But I hope he does go through the India forums comments and realize what the 'aam admi ' thinks of him.
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smallwonder 9 years ago The article about him in the Hyderabad Daily or whatever could be inaccurate (as per him!) but what we saw of him could not possibly be manipulated! And that is reason enough for whatever reputation he has created for himself... Fool's paradise...
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Super Kool
Super Kool 9 years ago Lolz...this is insane...I think he is talking about his imaginary world...
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abd_20 9 years ago Sapna shud be evicted she's cracked
out well kashif was not deserving either
but atleast is not mad like Sapna &
Stupid donkey Aseem.
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AngelMcQueen 9 years ago Hahahha very funny you get a role in a film hey buddy get a life you are such freak that badnaam us (amm ) people we commoners are not like you sicko you suck and always will go to heell
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CosmicKing 9 years ago I am very surprised that you people at India Forums took this loser's call. What a wannabe this guy is! He says somebody offered him a role in a film? Lol! Just like he has the agency for Versace in Hyderabad! ROFL.

@India Forums and the writer of this article: Please don't waste our time by posting stuff about this loser. We don't wanna know!!
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..CountingStars 9 years ago The article is so long...LOL
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rafiuddin890 9 years ago let me explain u the meaning of common man in India
common man fight on the basis of religion common is involved in killing for dowry common man is doing millions of u think kash bhai should do all this ?? wake up guys he represented himself not stop abusing !!!
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