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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Tanvi to Marry Mr. Bajaj!

In the upcoming episode we will see that Mohini targets Maasi and Tanvi, compelling them to leave the house...


We’re back again at keeping you updated about the upcoming tracks and storyline of popular TV soaps. Star Plus’ drama Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 always manages to keep the viewers glued to their TV sets with gripping story line and twists and turns. 

As we have been constantly updating you with the ongoing and upcoming track of the show, here we bring to you some more information about the upcoming twist in the show. We earlier reported about Mr. Bajaj acquiring the Basu mansion. He, along with Prerna and Kuki have come to live in Basu mansion with Anurag and his family. This has made Anurag happy as Prerna is close to him, but Mr, Bajaj has some evil plans. In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anurag gets a call from some investors from London to make a deal for Basu Industries but Mr. Bajaj warns him about them that they are evil businessmen and would trick him.

Well, apart from that, we now hear that Tanvi will soon marry Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi is getting problematic for Prerna. In the upcoming episode we will see that Mohini targets Maasi and Tanvi, compelling them to leave the house. Hearing this, Tanvi gets furious but Maasi convinces her to forget the insult and asks her to get married to Mr. Bajaj. Maasi and Tanvi conspire against Prerna. 

Yes, you heard that!

Now it will be intriguing to see how will Prerna tackle their evil plan.  

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-RD- 5 months ago There is a difference between someone getting married to someone than someonen asking someone to get married to a another.Fanfic likh rahe to atleast creativity to proper lao😂😂😂 I want to know who writes such bs for IF they neither watch the show nor are creative and dont have any concrete spoilers as such.
jhalak7 5 months ago Bravo! If they can do it. They should get married. And special thanks too. At least something new than the repeat of season 1.
gees 5 months ago Tanvi will marry Bajaj?? How strange is that....she wants too and she will try to but bajaj is not such a big fool......and make up ur mind buddy...sometimes u say she will marry sometimes u say she will try...sumtimes u say it wil be interesting how Prerna wil tackle.......if Tanvi Marries bajaj then story over..prerna is back to is well then.
SnehaExpression 5 months ago Who has written this article? Repeating the same thing in every sentence and extremely bad grammar. India Forums needs to improve their standards. Get better writers !
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