Karnvir-Teejay cast an emotional spell...

The judges flooded Karnvir and Teejay with amazing comments after the duo gave a scintillating performance in Kabhi Kabhie Pyaar...

Teejay, Karnvir Bohra, Tina Parekh who were almost non-dancers when Sony’s Kabhi Kabhie Pyaar Kabhi Kabhie Yaar started have turned the tide in their favor and have impressed one and all with their on-stage chemistry as well as choreography!

This Thursday, Karnvir and Teejay give a scintillating performance on the theme ‘Rain Songs’ as they dance on ‘Bheegi Bheegi’ from the film Gangster. Their chemistry was so overwhelming that the sweet-talker Sameera was touched by the performance and even cried.. “Seeing this performance, I too want someone to love me the way Karnvir loves Teejay”, remarked a teary-eyed Sameera.

Mahesh Bhatt, the tough nut to crack was also moved and said that the performance was beyond marks and it came straight from inside. Ganesh who was stunned for words, came up to Teejay and hugged her. Later he said that Karnvir is one of the finest actors in the industry…

This was some big comments coming from the big names of the industry!! With Mridul-Wasna-Tina bowing out this week, the Grand Finale will be between the impressive Karnvir-Tina-Teejay and the mighty trio, Mukul-Kashmera-Krushna..

But before that, do not miss the sensitive performance of Karnvir and Teejay this Thursday that brought tears into many eyes!!

Author: Binita Ramchandani

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Mahesh Bhatt

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Comments (19)

Loved this performance! absolutely brilliant! I luv wtching Karnvir-TJ's performances! One thing i noticed is that this team alwys cheers for others (especially TJ does) when others do well. Karnvir-Tina-TJ nevr act smug or arrogant when they get highest marks. (No 1 for past two weeks!) I luv them 4 this grt attitude & good sportsmanship.Makes you want thm to win even more! Karnvir is without a doubt one of the finest actors- in tv and otherwise!!!

15 years ago

i cant wait for to watch karnvir is the best

oh im soo happy that tema is out too

15 years ago

dey hve really improve a loads. i hope dey win

15 years ago

Karnvir is one of the finest actors on TV!!

15 years ago

Thanks Tellybuzz :)

I agree Karnvir is a really good actor.

Looking forward to the performance.

15 years ago

thanks... the songs is an emotional one and with the pictures i can see why it was emotional, can't wait to watch it!

15 years ago

cant wait till i watch the show i just love them o hope that they win

15 years ago

awww, hope they win, best of luck to them

15 years ago

bheegi bheegi is like one of his songs with tina why did he do it with tina ven though i like tj was well hope they win manoj-tj-tina

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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