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Kareena just said some very CUTE things about her baby Taimur Ali Khan

Media has been continuously clicking pictures of Taimur Ali Khan and this is what Mommy Kareena Kapoor has to say...


Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says she has no problem with the media clicking her baby son's picture and she believes that "Taimur is the most amazing looking child".

The actress, who was present here at the book launch of Rutuja Diwekar's "Pregnancy Notes: Before, During and After" said: "I think times are changing and wherever we go, we get clicked, which is a part of our normal life. I want Taimur to grow as normal as possible, then why should he be treated any differently? His parents are normal, he will lead a normal life like all of us. So I am okay with the fact that media clicks his photographs; besides my Taimur is the most amazing looking child!"


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FreedomOfSpeech 3 years ago People never took a chance to blame my nation my India. Yes 50% of Indians don't speak English it's not our mother tongue. That doesn't make Indians damn. But if we compare to many other nations Indians are far better. If you want you can criticise a person but no right to show your hate on whole nation miss or Mr whatever you are.
India zindaabad2017-07-19 05:18:00
Annasabu 3 years ago No,lady. Every child is the most amazing one to its mother.And regarding looks, aren't you pompous? Every child is the most beautiful one in the world whether it is a celebrity child or the child of the common folk.

Stop eulogizing.
RoseWine 3 years ago How sad that the person posting the article can't even spell properly. Dam Indians.
akiakanksha 3 years ago Kareena kapoor always give mature and precise replies, I love her for this and about grammatical mistake, it's ok ho jata ae kabi kabi (:
brainychild92 3 years ago Since we've established that there should be a grammar check before articles get posted online... I'll point out something in the article instead. What do you mean media clicking pictures is living normally? I'll prefer to live abnormally then... thank you very much.
bawaswift 3 years ago " his baby "

hee hee hee,,
i mean come on.. i feel the mother is well behaving like a person... who has no secrecy for " his " child here..
So its ok if she is personified as " he " LOL
beingaditij 3 years ago HIS baby what a murder of english lol

Anyways, there is a sort of abnormality in clicking pics of a child who is less than one year old.

It is abnormal because indian media has no limit of clicking pictures and following a person's personal space whether it is an adult, lady, senior citizen or an infant.
FreedomOfSpeech 3 years ago His baby like seriously. Kindly recheck your titles and articles before posting it. Please don't kill us with your English. I am poor in english but your articles making me to be proud of my English LOL
Dreamygal301 3 years ago No it's not normal to be clicked constantly. In fact that child will have no privacy nor will the media understand any boundries!

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