Karan's identity to be revealed in Maryada

Curtains raise on the identity of Karan in the coming episodes of Star Plus' Maryada...

Star Plus' Maryada… Lekin Kab Tak will soon see the revelation of Karan (Kaaran Singh) who has entered as Gaurav's (Dakssh Ajit Singh)  partner.

As per the current track, Gaurav has met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital where Karan appears there completely worried.

A little birdie from the sets informs, "There will be a sequence wherein Karan will be shown talking to his mother on phone where her identity will be kept a secret. Her identity will be later revealed and it will be none other than Roshni Devi (Mona Ambegaonkar) who will be seen as Karan's mother."

"The revelation will take place soon in the show as Mona has already started the shoot with Karan Singh for the sequence."

We contacted Kaaran Singh and he stated, "We are shooting an important sequence today but can't divulge any details. The audience has to wait and watch."

Catch the high drama in the coming episodes of Star Plus' Maryada.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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Sabarnee_25 9 years ago Totally bad track...show someyhing real...don't make it complex...we want to see Karan-Gaurav track only...not any Roshni Devi scene
arunima_LUIT 9 years ago ohkay Fine ..I want a more Humane Approach to this topic ...Hope to see the sory unfold more ...Hoping Gaurav is out of his trauma ...
brainychild92 9 years ago i hope they dont mess this track.. i mean karan was messing w. gaurav because of his mom.. that would really upset me!
PKYEK100 9 years ago god have made the nature...he have differentiate betn male and female...and if human being play with nature then nature will not leave them...i h8 this gay track...man is attracted towards man and female with female...then this is only called kaliyog main stage where many bad thing will happen in this world...oh god what will happen in kaliyog last state...
BheegiBasanti 9 years ago I had speculated this months ago...even before RD was introduced. It was the only viable option that tied all the loose ends together...for e.g. Gaurav's lover had been invited to the wedding but did not make it. I hope RD is on her son's side instead of joining hands with Brahma.
divya_181 9 years ago Wow...thats a nice twist in maryada. it will be interesting to know how SSP and RD will react to this when they get to know.
..Naina.. 9 years ago LOL. wow I'm like laughing nonstop at this twist. I cannot wait to see what comes of this. RD and SSP. beautiful. -_-
RadiantTreasure 9 years ago Well seems like many of our guesses that Gaurav's past is related to RD became true..only difference we thought it would be RD's Daughter but it turned out her Son.
Well the story seems to be adding more twists..Just don't make it a drag CV's please!!
Good luck Maryaada Team!
FIZK6 9 years ago Its getting interesting. Waiting to see everyones reactions.
anna44 9 years ago OMG.>>>>>I really thought Roshni Devi is Karan's mother...I cannot believe it...
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