Karan Sharma on being part of Udaariyan

Karan Sharma, who has joined the cast of Udaariyan, says that he loves the storyline of the show. He says that he found his character graph extremely interesting.

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Karan Sharma in Udaariyaan

Actor Karan Sharma, who has joined the cast of Udaariyan, says that he loves the storyline of the show. He says that he found his character graph extremely interesting.

“When I heard the story and my character's narration, I found it very interesting. First of all, I'm playing a Muslim guy from Pakistan, so portraying a Pakistani character is entirely new for me. It's also my second time playing a Muslim role after many years. The first time was in my debut show, 'Pyaar ka Bandhan’. This role, however, is different. The character is in my age group, and I'm portraying a more mature guy. That's what makes it intriguing. I accepted this role because it's challenging and involves a variety of events. It's a character that requires a lot of energy. So, I found it interesting and agreed to take on the role,” he says. 

Talking about his character, he says, “The character I am playing is Murtazim, who is associated with the royal family and has a political background. The character is deeply rooted in the political happenings of Pakistan.”

Working with producer duo Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta is wonderful, he says, adding, “This is the first time that I am working with Ravie and Sargun. Working with them is exciting because they are not only part of my friend circles but have also transitioned from actors to successful producers. They are doing exceptionally well in their field. The way they manage their team and show dedication and love for their work is commendable. If every producer follows their example, the industry will thrive. I am delighted to be a part of their production house..” 

The actor is currently shooting for the show in Chandigarh. “Indeed, it's very cold in Chandigarh, and shooting outdoors in such low temperatures, especially at night, poses a challenge. The first day was quite challenging and a bit hectic due to a late-night shoot. However, I am coping well, and while it's a different experience, I have no regrets. Health is a priority, and I am taking it as a healthy challenge.”

Meanwhile, Karan says that he loves being an actor. “The best part of being an actor in a daily soap is the opportunity to portray a wide range of emotions in a single day. Despite the long working hours, it's fulfilling to engage in various scenes, from action to romance, making it an enjoyable experience. Looking back, I see growth in my acting career from my arrival in Mumbai in 2008. Despite facing ups and downs, especially in my personal life affecting my professional life, things have stabilized since 2020. I am in a happy space, and my career is progressing positively.”

What next? Well, he says, “In my bucket list as an actor, I want to explore comedy, which I haven't done much in television. I come from a theatre background, and I would love to bring my experience in comedy to the small screen. Additionally, working in web series and films is on my list, and I've already started working on some exciting projects in the web space. Currently, I am content with my role in 'Udaariyaan,' and I am eager to see how the audience responds to it.”

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