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Karan Kundrra opens up about the EXPECTED TRPs from Dil Hi Toh Hai!

Karan had something important to say.


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Sony TV will soon be presenting Ekta Kapoor's next family drama on television titled Dil Hi Toh Hai. The family saga boasts of an ensemble cast including Akshay Dogra, Poonam Dhillon, Bejoy Anand, Pooja Bannerjee, Aaradhana Uppal and Sudeepa Singh amongst others.  

With the show all set to go on air on the 18th of this month, we got talking to Karan about his show (READ-

And while Sony TV's fiction shows are extremely popular with the masses and do great on online platforms, the same however does not happen on television and their numbers tend to dwindle down. 

When we quizzed Karan if that would be a cause for concern for the team and or if Dil Hi Toh Hai would change that for Sony, here's what he said. 

"See, I'll be very honest. Sometimes television makes classy shows and not typical daily shows which I feel are regressive. I just had a meeting with Ekta Ma'am and she said - we are taking a risk here, we are trying to change," said Karan.

The actor continued,"The people who are watching television as a whole, not just Sony but other channels as well, are dipping and but all the viewers, people are being forced to move to the web. So we here for Dil Hi Toh Hai are taking a big risk, and are not worried about the TRPs as of now and I don't think I am the right guy to be saying about TRPs but the feel and grandness of the show, the way we are shooting it, when you see the show you'll feel that we are trying to make a difference,its a different take on TV."

Well said Karan.


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Humayra_Emma 2 years ago Content matters more than the trp
Love you Karan Kundrra
_khushi09_ 2 years ago Seeing all those news promos my excitement increased for Dil Hi Toh Hai
Love you Karan Kundrra you are the best

Preet_KK 2 years ago so excited for Dil Hi Toh Hai
after all quality time is better than quantity time.
unnecessary bashing will get nothing. keep barking you can not do anything else, hard work speaks more than anything.
Love you Karan Kundrra
Arjuhi_kk 2 years ago Insecurity Level At its PEAK Tongue

Its strange that even though people KNOW that sont Tv shows won't survive much ...still people are venting out their frustration on this article Tongue

Love u Karan Kundrra Heart Duniya Jale to Jale Angry2018-06-15 10:02:28
ShrePreet18 2 years ago Karan Kundrra is back on TV that's more important... Waiting for Dil Hi Toh Hai.
I prefer good shows not long shows, in fact I would not like it to be unnecessarily dragged I will be happy to just hv it for few months... That's the beauty of Sony TV.
Arjuhi_dreamer 2 years ago So cute to see all these insecure fans of other shows, I won't even call then haters.

Karan Kundrra, we believe in class content and that is what Dil Hi Toh Hai is about.
AnitaRahman 2 years ago when Karan Kundrra is back, that means something big gonna happen. All the best Karan2018-06-16 23:03:47
--deepa-- 2 years ago Its wrong to judge someone you don't even know, news are not to be trusted always as they only share the half story.
If u don't like Karan Kundrra that's fine at least don't spread negatively & let his fans enjoy his comeback
Kmh can be forgotten to other for us its still special
Peace :)
Neetu_Singh112 2 years ago @N_Nepotism : even i have heard stories abt kundra beating up his women. Infact he used to hit krithika kamra in the relationship which is why she backed out. even his relationship with anushka won't stay because once an abuser always an abuser. i feel pathetic when the fans of the previous show want him n krithika together again in a relationship. i mean what kind of ppl r these Angry

anyways coming to this show, it might do well only because of kekta as she knows the business in and out. also the channel might have to run this show despite poor trp's because they can't upset kekta.
pesi11 2 years ago Good or show survives on Sony more than 3 months.
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