Kanika Maheshwari back to work after maternity leave!

Beautiful actress Kanika Maheshwari, has started shooting for her show Diya Aur Baati Hum after leave…

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The ardent followers of Shashi Sumeet Productions' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum have been missing some witty moments of Meenakshi on the show from quite sometime.

Now, the wait is over as Meenakshi (Kanika Maheshwari) will soon be back to the show!

Kanica was on a maternity leave and few days back she delivered a cut little baby boy. Now, a little birdie from the sets, informs us that, "Kanika will soon be back on the show and she has already started shooting from yesterday. In the upcoming episodes of the show, she will be seen coming back to India from abroad along with Vikram (Karan Goddwani)."

When we contacted Kanika, she confirmed the news about her comeback.

Welcome back Kanika!

Anwesha Kamal

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NidhiAS.Raizada 6 years ago If you are pointing out your opinion make sure it does not hurt anyone feelings...

And by the way that was opinion of mine as well...Also she is a mother, I am pretty sure she knows what will be good for her and her child, as many said!2015-04-20 00:53:38
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sanw 6 years ago Welcome back Kanika!
missed you...hope you dont overstress yourself
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Neeru_NJ 6 years ago People are not being judgmental here...they just voice out their opinions just as everyone does. No one condemned her, some were concern about maternity leave, as it is stated in Indian Law "No woman shall work in any establishment during the six weeks immediately following the day of her delivery" ...but that is not only my concern, I actually feel weird that people who blame others being judgmental are actually judging those who questioned her very rushed return, isnt that being judgmental too?...(in fact the current track revolves around the leads,suraj sandhya and their lovely kids ved & vansh with two or three mini parallel tracks with so many new entries...fans just questioned about her return at this stage of the show, not about her priority and not about how good is she as a mother...)2015-04-19 17:12:24
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Always_His_Jaan 6 years ago In us dont go back to work after two weeks u can get up to 3 to 4 months off from work. It doesnt make her bad mother for going back to work so early. But it is suprising to go back to work this fast. She probably have not healed, i dont care if she even had normal delivery its too early. Also its not only people in india who are judgmental, even people from other countries would have same opinion.
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MrDarcyfan 6 years ago @ritauk: I am not from India. I am from New Zealand, and here we are allowed to take up to 4 months off with partial pay and up to 12 months without pay and they have to keep your job! In US employees have NO rights anyway, so I am not surprised. A 2 week old child needs it's Mother. It is a crucial period. So instead of just dissing people for pointing out the obvious, understand where they are coming from! If employers are asking women to come back to work in 2 weeks after giving birth, they are NOT good employers but "Exploiting" their workers. It's shameful! Even to recover from birth and get all clear it takes around 6 weeks. So to ask a women to return to work in 2 weeks? Shame on the PH and channel!2015-04-19 02:31:05
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angelic8219 6 years ago It's probably a couple of hours a day, people make it sound like she's leaving the child for long periods of time, never to be seen. It will be good for her instead of being cooped up with the baby all the time, which can also cause problems. No doubt the actress will balance her responsibilities well. Let her atleast try, if she finds it hard she may drop the show. Maybe she's sharing responsibility with her husband. Its wrong to judge when you don't know what arrangements she has in place.
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zona. 6 years ago wow kanika appreciate u & ur concern for work welcome back!!!!
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vib. 6 years ago I ridiculed by the fact that people are judging a mother. Just beacause she is passionate about her work dosent make her a bad mother. And 'Side Actress' really? I wonder how many shows can run with ONLY two main leads and no other actor? Good Luck Kanika :)
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Moumimon 6 years ago seriously people need reality check here...people are behaving more then kanika they are concerned about her baby boy seriously??...

and joining work after after short maternity leave is not mean she is senseless or strange...simply its dedication to her work and ofcrse SP is not so kind to actor/actress of their shows so they will give anyone leave for months...

well i don't watch DABH but still wanna say to those who are saying she is side char?? she may is not the lead but her char is important in the show... with out meena its difficult to move story in DABH..she is spicy masala of the show...

and for side note for people who is here to judge a mother..guys don't judge a mother yrr baby's are always mother's first priority...kania know what exactly she is doing and what exactly her baby needs...
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Hifah 6 years ago I don't think sp gives maternity leave they r very cruel ppl .plus she is a sidey so ph must have adjusted with her on timings. She must be accompanying her baby with maid.u never know may be she is working till her contract expire.why to be judgmental about others although its good to stay at home with babies in this time.
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