Kamal Khan's joyride on Bigg Boss!

Kamal Khan enjoys a joyride on the back of actress Sameera Reddy, thanks to a fun game at the Bigg Boss house…

Kamal Khan, soared to seventh heaven when a game on Colors and Endemols' Bigg Boss, required Sameera Reddy to lift him up on her back!

Says our source, "Everyone in Bigg Boss house got a pleasant surprise as they got woken up by the cast of De Dana Dan - Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy, Chunky Pandey, Manoj Joshi and Sharad Saxena. The cast members mingled with everyone over tea and snacks and as the day progressed Akshay was called in the confession room and told that everybody has to participate in a paper dance contest!"

The source goes on, "Raju was assigned the task of a referee and the dance started with a twofold paper that went on shrinking as the levels went by. One by one all the couples (Akshay - Poonam, Suniel - Claudia, Neha Dhupia - Pravesh, Chunky -Rohit, Aditi - Manoj and Bakhtiyaar Vindu) got eliminated with only Sameera Reddy and Kamal Khan left. But by this time the paper got so small that only one person could stand. Sameera without even blinking easily lifted Kamal on her back. Kamal instead of getting embarrassed was purely indulging himself!"

Watch this episode tonight at 9pm on Colors' Bigg Boss.

Author: Susan Jose

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He surely looks like he is enjoying this free ride LOL

14 years ago

This is funny lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

14 years ago

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