Kamal Khan out of Bigg Boss house..

Kamal Khan's volatile behavior puts him in trouble yet again, as Bigg Boss decides to throw him out of the house..

Kamal Rashid Khan, who calls himself KRK has been in the bad books of contestants from Day one of their stay in the Bigg Boss house. His big-mouth boasting of he being a millionaire has never been taken well by the contestants. To top it all, his volatile behavior and abusive words have hurt almost all in the house, so much so that he has been nominated for elimination in all the three weeks of stay in the house.

According to our source, "Things got worse when in the middle of a discussion Kamal got wild at Rohit Verma and threw a glass bottle at him. This angered all the contestants who demanded Kamal's exit from the show. This left Bigg Boss with no option but to send the guy out".

Last week proved to be lucky for Kamal, as the occasion of Diwali stopped Bigg Boss from eliminating him from the house. Will Bigg Boss give Kamal yet another chance to better himself in the house? Or will the decision of Bigg Boss to send him out be the final call?

Watch all the drama in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss at 9 PM..

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Kamaal Rashid Khan

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Rohhit Verma

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Comments (29)

big boss, we want krk back in action in the show. we are here in abu dhabi watching the big boss show everyday but after krk living its very boring to see the show we need people like krk in the show he was playing like a true player in the show. big boss , we want to see krk back in action in the show .

14 years ago

If KRK behaviour is really all the time as bad as it is shown in 60 mins episode, he definetly don't deserve to be in any show leave BB.

14 years ago

kamal has a great personalty i like krk without him big boss will be incomplete.i love this man yar dont wrie bad about krk he is my favourite.

14 years ago

thank god....that guy thinks too much off hyimself......hes such a moron!!

14 years ago

this should have happened last week itself

14 years ago

this artice was biased...n we dont know for sure if hes out...

14 years ago

Good riddance, this man never used good words, never talked well with the ladies, and that water bottle aimed could have hrut someone baldy. and hedid aim at Rohit but Shamita got the brunt...

14 years ago

lol for throwing a water bottle??! what the hell is the jail for then? ridiculous

14 years ago

waowo!! i don't watch big boss but i heard abt krk alot !!
finally he is out. i just hope he doesn't do anything stupid to make him look more bad!!

14 years ago

I think krk doing all this for bigg boss's survival. show will be dead if krk thrown out. he is a good entertainer.

14 years ago

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