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Judges' unfair antics ruled the weekend!!!

Was it good performances or judges' unfair antics that ruled the shows this week?? - is the question that is making rounds in viewers' minds...

Published: Monday,Aug 25, 2008 16:03 PM GMT-06:00
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This week was another one of those weeks, where performances got overshadowed by other “judgmental” issues. Performance wise, it was definitely Junoon that stood out. The lack of lucidity in the format is leaving viewers confused in most of the shows and the act of judges is definitely leaving the viewers with one question – Are the judges judging musical contests or are they on a self indulgent mission to outclass one another??

Judges unfair antics ruled the weekend!!!
NDTV’s Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka was the most enjoyable musical treat of the weekend with all outstanding performances. The show had to bid adieu to Akbar Ali of the Sufi genre as the genre landed up in Aag Ka Dariya (the danger zone). On Friday the exchange of words between Annu Kapoor and Anand Raj Anand on Antara was really disturbing. They could have avoided this exchange as it can have repercussions on the psyche of both Abhaas and Antara and also might influence the voting adversely. We sure do hope that it was mere conjecture that Annu Kapoor was drawing on and Anand Raj Anand wouldn’t compromise on performance just to keep a promise. However the musical ambience was again back on Saturday. Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia was the guest on Saturday and the show was an absolute treat for music lovers. The show saw a format change as far as eliminations go and now judges would have a say too. Though no clear cut details regarding this was given by the show producers!

Judges unfair antics ruled the weekend!!!
Zee’s SaReGaMaPa seems on a “Format Hunt”. This week there was a sudden format change and this change will now stretch the show for a few extra weeks. Ironically Tarun, whose selection in the Sanjivani Booti round had raised the controversy of selection, got eliminated in the very first episode after the format change. The new format also looks quite confusing and the frustrating part is no details were given defining the new format. To have club songs as the theme in a round where Ustaad Ghulam Ali Saab was the judge was almost unbelievable. SaReGaMaPa was a show most well known for the healthy ambience it projected, where one felt the positive vibes and totally enjoyed the show. But this new gimmick of the mentors of not talking to one another and using the Host to pass their comments back and forth may seem funny in one or two episodes but if this is stretched can become very detrimental. This out of place action needs to be remedied immediately. Hope they start behaving in a manner that befits the responsibility of their positions or it can impact the show’s ratings big time.

Judges unfair antics ruled the weekend!!!
Star’s Amul Voice Of India show was a total disappointment again. The performances lackluster and the praises by the judges overrated!! The way Ryan was hyped up despite a “Besura” performance was indeed very conspicuous. Ismail Darbar yet again walked off after Shraddha’s elimination to walk right back in on Saturday with a lame logic that when there are so many talented participants the good ones also will get eliminated. Is “Walking out and in” now becoming his trademark reaction? The AV shown in the Saturday episode of Ismail Darbar’s effigy being burnt again brings up the same question – Was that real or scripted? Sukhvinder criticized the public for voting. Just a question for him - in this show the elimination of participants is based on a 50-50 voting power of the Judges and the junta respectively. So if the judges themselves rate all participants’ high marks irrespective of mediocrity and hype not so good performances so much, then where is the viewers fault? Does the whole onus of this unfair elimination rest only with the public?

This week’s shows showed that one major change is required. The judges should be made responsible for their actions and held accountable of what they speak. Why should music or talent suffer if judgment or judges behavior is not up to the mark? Can’t the production houses see that these so called scripted dramas are getting too dramatic for the public to accept? The production houses should face this reality now and do something about it soon.

Author: Barnali
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Arun @arun_8687 15 years ago This is an excellent critique of the shows! As usual, Junoon was the best and will remain so.
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desigrl27 @desigrl27 15 years ago What about Ek Se Badkar Ek's elimination? Aneek and Sayantani are gone while comparatively amatuer singer and dancer Raja and Jassi are still in...that's messed up!
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Don't worry, be happy. @Ranbirrocks 15 years ago I have had enough of Reality shows....I guess everything is scripted and done for TRPs
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miggie @miggie 15 years ago thanks, i think the judges on sa re ga ma pa are ridiculous, why is it they are not speaking to each other that is so childish and not professional, why can't they be like sonu nigam and suresh wadkar on lil champs, communication between judges are important
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago i think juges not talking to each other is a nice thing on sets lekin trying to pass comment with help of chota chetan bole to adi is like stupidity...
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