Jiya Shankar & Vishal Singh get into a war of words online after he roasts her

Jiya Shankar and Vishal Singh were seen getting into a heated online debate after the latter took to his Instagram handle to roast her.

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Jiya Shankar and Vishal Singh

Jiya Shankar, a well-known face on television, gained even more fame after her appearance on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Despite continuing with her successful projects post the show, Jiya recently found herself at the center of a roast that didn't sit well with her.

Reportedly, Vishal Singh, a friend of Manisha Rani, roasted Jiya in a video where he mocked her for a clip from her vlog. In the clip, Jiya humorously mentioned wearing her t-shirt the wrong way and a dog pooping nearby. Vishal joked about how a dog would react if Jiya were around.


Jiya took to her Twitter to slam Vishal without directly mentioning him, questioning if he was auditioning for Bigg Boss OTT 3 and referring to him as Manisha's driver. She criticized Vishal's behavior and speculated if he was stressed, depressed, or obsessed, suggesting he might need therapy.

A fan defended Jiya, predicting Vishal would ignore her response and continue mocking her. Jiya responded, saying Vishal could enjoy his fleeting fame.

Jiya wrote, ''Is someone auditioning for BBott season 3 ? Well that “literal shit” looks like he should sign up for therapy sessions because he looks stressed, depressed and obsessed !Did he lose his job or something now that suddenly he’s losing his “shit” and maybe questioning his existence ?''

https://x.com/heyshankar_/status/1758837100785606778?s=46&t=w7SOV1DsyNP6FxgfLYqnXwJiya Shankar's tweets

In response, Vishal took to his Instagram stories, expressing how comments were affecting him and threatening to pin the video if he received more. He challenged Jiya to respond on Instagram since he wasn't on Twitter and criticized her for calling him poor, inviting her to his home and claiming to pay his house helps more than Jiya earns. He said, ''kabhi samne aajana, haweli pe aajana. Jitna tum kamaati ho, utna hum salary baat dete hai humare gaav mei hum logo ko. Dafa ho jaao."

The feud between Vishal and Jiya sparked debate among their followers. Who do you side with? 

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What do you expect from Manisha or her friends? No culture or decency

2 months ago

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