Jhanak: Jhanak refuses to marry Tejas, Tejas fires at her

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Jhanak will be seen refusing to marry Tejas. Tejas will shoot at her.

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The episode commences with Tejas asking Anirudh whether he needs assistance or if he'll manage on his own. Anirudh assures him that he can handle it alone, and Tejas departs. Meanwhile, Shrishti receives some news over the phone, and Arshi inquires about the situation. Shrishti, without revealing the details, proceeds to serve the household staff. Vinayak arrives, and Arshi expresses concern about Anirudh being unreachable. Vinayak suggests that Anirudh might have gone on a short trip, to which Shrishti discloses that he has gone to Jhanak's village. The shocking revelation is made that Urvashi has committed suicide, leaving everyone in shock.

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Arshi questions the circumstances surrounding Urvashi's tragic end, and Vinayak contemplates the possibility. Shrishti speculates that the burden of circumstances may have led to Urvashi's decision. In a fit of anger, Vinayak accuses Shrishti and her family of insulting Urvashi, holding them responsible for her suicide. Arshi agrees, stating that they have crossed all limits this time, and worries about Jhanak's future. Jhanak, in the midst of her grief, recalls the last night when she and her mother had planned to cook together. Anirudh comforts her and urges her to have some food, but Jhanak refuses, expressing her reluctance to eat.

Anirudh takes it upon himself to prepare food for Jhanak, and in a poignant moment, he questions how long they can continue like this. Jhanak, still mourning, declines to eat, prompting Anirudh to declare that they will both go hungry together. Jhanak, feeling guilty for wasting Anirudh's day, apologizes and suggests that he could have spent his time more productively. Anirudh dismisses the notion, apologizing for Arshi's family's disrespectful behavior towards Jhanak. He assures her of his support in the fight for justice and vows to stand by her. Jhanak expresses concern that her poverty might hinder her pursuit of justice, but Anirudh reassures her that he will be there every step of the way.

As the emotional conversation unfolds, Anirudh encourages Jhanak to eat, emphasizing that they will face the challenges together. Jhanak, overwhelmed by her circumstances, agrees to have some food. She then insists that Anirudh eat as well, and the two share a heartwarming moment. Anirudh acknowledges the difficulties she's facing but motivates her to overcome them, envisioning a future where she completes her studies, meets a kind-hearted partner, and lives a fulfilling life.

Meanwhile, Arshi decides to visit Anirudh, feeling the need to offer support during these trying times. The episode concludes with Jhanak departing for a shelter home, and Anirudh promising to meet her after picking up Arshi from the airport. 


Rahul reveals to Anirudh the distressing news of Tejas abducting Jhanak. Anirudh is taken aback by the shocking revelation. Despite the perilous situation, Jhanak remains resolute, declaring her determination to resist marrying Tejas with every ounce of her strength. In a horrifying turn of events, Tejas, driven by sinister intentions, fires a gunshot at Jhanak.

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