Jhanak: Jhanak is guilty of her behaviour towards Anirudh

Jhanak written update, 16th February, 2024: Jhanak is guilty for her behaviour towards Anirudh and blames herself for his accident.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak
Hiba Nawab as Jhanak. Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode commences with Anirudh expressing gratitude towards Arshi, acknowledging her importance in his life. Bipasha also praises Arshi for her unwavering love and support, emphasizing that Anirudh owes his life to her. Arshi, in turn, mentions Anirudh's previous attempt to bring Jhanak back, to which he admits his mistake and vows to refrain from such actions in the future. Arshi suggests postponing the party due to recent events, but Anirudh insists on maintaining the original date, assuring everyone of his well-being. Bipasha offers to arrange for Anirudh's discharge from the hospital, highlighting their eagerness to proceed with the marriage. After Bipasha leaves, Anirudh apologizes to Arshi, who reassures him of her understanding and love, prompting a heartfelt exchange of affection between them.

Jhanak's belief in Anirudh:

Meanwhile, discussions ensue regarding organizing a puja and a party at home, with Appu requesting prasad from Dadi. Light-hearted banter ensues between Appu and Tanuja, while Jhanak and Chotan discuss Anirudh's recovery. Jhanak expresses her belief in Anirudh's goodness and recounts her efforts to save him. However, when Appu expresses her longing for Jhanak, family tensions arise, leading to arguments and misunderstandings among the family members.

Jhanak's guilt:

As tensions escalate, Anjana takes charge of handling Appu, despite resistance from Tanuja and Lal. Bipasha's attempt to assist Anjana in the kitchen is met with criticism from Tanuja, highlighting the class differences within the family. Meanwhile, Jhanak confides in Chotan about her feelings of guilt over Anirudh's accident, revealing her role in the unfortunate incident. Chotan encourages her to stay and take care of Anirudh, promising his support.


In the preview, Arshi tends to Anirudh, but he reacts with discomfort, prompting Jhanak to suggest hiring a professional nurse for his care instead.

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