Jhanak: In a drunken state, Jhanak reveals of being married to Anirudh in front of everyone

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Jhanak are all set to bring in major twists and turns.

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Star Plus' series "Jhanak," starring Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja in pivotal roles, continues to enthrall viewers with its current storyline. The show revolves around a young woman navigating a fake marriage to escape the clutches of a persistent man determined to force her into marriage, all while dealing with the loss of her mother. Since its inception, "Jhanak" has steadily climbed the TRP charts.

In the ongoing plot, viewers witness Jhanak facing the disapproval of Anirudh's family as he decides to bring her from Kashmir to his house in Kolkata. Despite the reluctance of Anirudh's family and his fiancée Arshi regarding Jhanak's presence, Anirudh stands firm, asserting that she will stay with them in the house.

India Forums had previously informed its readers about Mimi spiking Jhanak's drink, leading to Jhanak getting intoxicated. Now, we have received exclusive insights into the upcoming track of the show. According to our well-placed sources, Jhanak, in her inebriated state, will make a startling revelation to everyone present that she is married. When pressed to reveal the identity of her spouse, Jhanak utters Anirudh's name before fainting. However, Anirudh dismisses it as a lie, insisting that Jhanak is under the influence of alcohol.

On the other hand, when Arshi arrives home and recounts the scenario to her parents, they advise her to distance herself from Anirudh and break off her engagement. Despite the counsel, Arshi remains steadfast in her decision.

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