Jhanak: Arshi calls Jhanak a maid, Anirudh takes a stand for her

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will be seen taking a stand for Jhanak after Arshi refers to her as a maid.

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Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja from Jhanak.

The episode begins with Shrishti distributing gifts to everyone and engaging in friendly conversations. Appu playfully asks about his gift, and Shrishti presents him with a cute skirt, encouraging him to wear it at the party. Bablu, however, mentions that they usually provide him with comfortable clothes befitting his status. Shrishti then gives Shubh a suit, but he declines to wear it at the party, suggesting it's more suitable for his son's wedding. Amidst the laughter, Shrishti hands a special gift to Anirudh, who expresses his gratitude. Taking a dig at Jhanak, Shrishti refers to her as a maid.

Anirudh inquires about Shyam's whereabouts, and Shrishti responds by calling Jhanak a maid. Anirudh corrects her, emphasizing that Shrishti is Jhanak's aunt and should not be referred to as a maid. Shrishti justifies her choice, stating that everyone should be treated equally, irrespective of their work. Jhanak is given clothes by Shrishti, and Vinayak emphasizes that Jhanak is a part of the family, not merely a servant. Shrishti explains her intention behind buying clothes for Jhanak and Shyam together. Arshi, however, insults Jhanak, but Shrishti insists that everyone, including the servants, should attend the party.

Shubh and Anirudh agree to bring the clothes for Jhanak. Arshi, on behalf of Shrishti, asks Jhanak for her husband's number, intending to call him and bring him to their city. Jhanak feels anxious about the consequences if the truth comes out. Anirudh offers to share the number, having obtained it earlier, to avoid any potential harm to Jhanak.

The scene shifts to the office, where Anirudh presents an event presentation to his colleagues. Meanwhile, Shrishti and Arshi engage in dance practice. Anirudh enters, appreciates their performance, and discusses work-related matters. Arshi expresses her stress due to the upcoming office event and a wedding announcement party. Anirudh reassures her, mentioning that their performance has already made the event a hit.

At home, Arshi reveals their plan to call Jhanak's husband and offers to do it immediately. However, the attempt fails as his phone is switched off. Shrishti decides to try again the next day. Jhanak worries about the potential consequences if Anirudh discovers the truth. Anirudh, on the other hand, reassures Jhanak and expresses his commitment to protecting her.

In the next scene, Anirudh and Jhanak are shown at the office where Anirudh discusses the upcoming event. Arshi dances, and Shrishti teaches her the moves. Anirudh, witnessing their rehearsal, praises their performance. After a brief conversation, Shrishti addresses the issue of Jhanak and Tejas, expressing her concern. Anirudh defends Jhanak, stating that she was confused and unsure of what's right or wrong. Shrishti raises questions, but Anirudh insists that they don't know the whole truth. The scene ends with Shrishti advising Anirudh to resolve the matter before it becomes more complicated.


 Anirudh asks Jhanak to sign some papers, which she refuses at first. He insists, mentioning that her life could change overnight. Jhanak questions why she should dance, to which he responds that it's because he wants her to. She reluctantly signs the papers. However, Bipasha arrives, causing a stir by objecting to Jhanak's participation in the performance. Arshi declares that she won't perform if Jhanak is part of it.

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