Jhanak: Anirudh wants Jhanak to be a part of his office cultural event, Arshi refuses to perform there

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Arshi will refuse to perform in Anirudh's office cultural event after knowing Jhanak will be a part of the same.

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Hiba Nawab and Chandni Sharma as Jhanak and Arshi in Star Plus' show Jhanak.

The episode begins with Arshi expressing concern about the brewing conflict with Tejas. Anirudh assures her that he's prepared to face the challenge, apologizing to everyone for any inconvenience caused. Arshi turns to Jhanak, asking about her plans amidst the mounting shocks. Jhanak asserts her own struggles, emphasizing that her situation is suffocating. She urges Arshi to discuss her concerns with Anirudh directly, disassociating herself from any romantic involvement.

In the morning, Anirudh's boss invites Arshi to a cultural event, suggesting a performance with Shrishti. During the meeting, Anirudh reveals that Mr. Shah is his senior VP. Shrishti mentions their busy schedule but agrees to consider the proposal, leaving a decision pending.

Later, Arshi advises Anirudh to stay for a talk, prompting Shrishti to inquire about Anirudh's plans regarding Jhanak. Anirudh explains that he brought Jhanak back to ensure her safety from Tejas. Shrishti, expressing concern for Jhanak's well-being, asks for Jhanak's husband's contact details to discuss a job opportunity with him.

Anirudh becomes tense but eventually provides a number, cautioning Jhanak about potential inquiries from Arshi and Shrishti. Jhanak questions Anirudh's actions and worries about the consequences of the lies. Anirudh insists on protecting her and promises that things will change after the office event.

Back home, Anirudh hands over the number to Jhanak and explains the plan to defuse Tejas's threats. Jhanak is uneasy about the deception, but Anirudh emphasizes its temporary nature. Arshi and her parents arrive to give the first wedding invitation, and Shrishti demands Jhanak's husband's number.


Anirudh pressures Jhanak to sign some papers, claiming it can change her life. Bipasha arrives, and Arshi declares that she won't perform if Jhanak is part of the event.

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