Jhanak: Anirudh invites Jhanak to his wedding, she refutes

Jhanak written update, 20th February,2024: Anirudh invites Jhanak to his wedding with Arshi.

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The episode begins with Jhanak emphasizing the importance of timely meals for good health, echoing the doctor's advice. Shubh agrees with her, prompting Dadi to instruct Jhanak to go upstairs. 

Appu notices a striking resemblance between Jhanak and the nurse:

Appu stops Jhanak and notices her striking resemblance to someone named Jhanak. Dadi and Shubh dismiss the topic, urging Appu not to mention the other girl's name. Dada emphasizes the significance of family relationships, leading Anirudh to acknowledge his past mistakes and vow not to repeat them. Dadi assures Anirudh of their support, while Appu and Shubh inquire about preparations for an upcoming puja. Bipasha mentions the approaching Valentine's Day, which catches Arshi's attention.

Anirudh affirms his determination to distance himself from Jhanak:

Appu, intrigued by the reference to Valentine's Day, asks Bipasha about it, leading to Jhanak's dismissal from the room. Rumi invites Jhanak to accompany her, but Choton, aware of Jhanak's identity, instructs Anjana to prepare food for her as well. Anirudh expresses his longing for home-cooked food, prompting Dadi to caution against forming connections with strangers, insisting they focus on Arshi and Anirudh's marriage. Appu becomes upset, defending Jhanak's good deeds, but Shubh reprimands her, while Anirudh affirms his determination to distance himself from Jhanak. Unbeknownst to Anirudh, Jhanak reflects on her role in his accident and continues to care for him despite his coldness.

Jhanak's identity is finally exposed:

Later, Jhanak attends to Anirudh's needs, prompting a conversation between them. Anirudh invites Jhanak to his wedding, but she declines, citing his recovery as her reason for leaving. Arshi arrives and interacts with both Anirudh and Jhanak, expressing her gratitude for Jhanak's care. Arshi encourages Jhanak to stay longer, offering financial assistance, but Jhanak politely refuses, pledging to fulfill her duties during the upcoming puja before departing. Anirudh and Arshi share a lighthearted moment, both expressing their happiness at the current situation and their hopes for the future.

The next morning, preparations for Anirudh's meal and a surprise visit from Arshi and her family bring joy to the household. However, Bipasha is shocked to discover Jhanak's presence, realizing the implications of her return and Choton's involvement in protecting her. As tensions mount, the family gathers, demanding Jhanak to remove her mask, leaving Anirudh shocked and eager to confront her.

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