Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow honour 'Friends' co-star Courteney Cox at her 'Walk of Fame' ceremony

The Friends trio, Jennifer, Lisa and Courteney reunited last night for the latter's Walk of Fame ceremony and we can't get over their lovely picture together.

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Jennifer, Courteney and Lisa

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were present for Courteney Cox at her Walk of Fame ceremony going in for their theme song 'I'll be there for you'. 

On a cloudy Monday, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented actor, producer, and director Cox with the 2,750th star, and in a combined speech, her lifelong friends and former co-stars Aniston and Kudrow celebrated their strong friendship.

The two reminisced that at the start of Friends, which aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004, Cox was the most well-known cast member. "She was the only famous member of the cast. Hence, I think that initially, we were all sort of watching her to see what the Courteney Cox show was going to be, Kudrow remembered.

Aniston emphasised that she would not seize the attention, though. She added "She made it very clear that this was a true ensemble from the very beginning.

Kudrow concluded, “Courteney, we just want to say that we are deeply, deeply proud to know you. You are the definition of a truly beautiful, talented and — what’s most important — a truly good and decent human being. And thank you for enriching our lives personally.”

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Later Jennifer shared a bunch of pictures from the ceremony and fans couldn't stop gushing over the three beauties and feeling nostalgic about it. In one of the pictures they can be seen embraced in a groyup hug. She also added the referance picture from the show along with it. Along with the pictures she wrote, "Very proud of our girl @courteneycoxofficial today. I love these women with literally every ounce of my heart and soul ❤️ @lisakudrow and I were on a cloud being able to celebrate her and her incredible achievements ⭐️."

Well, after seeing these pictures and listening to their speech, could we be any more happier? 

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That's the kind of friendship I want😍❤

11 months ago

It is so wonderful to see that they have so much of love and respect for each other! So blessed! ⭐️

12 months ago

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