Jaywant has his moment of love for Archana

Jaywant in Zee TV's Psvitra Rishta will get his moment to express his love towards Archana...

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Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta is going thro' the agonizing phase where the protagonist Manav (Sushant Rajput) is locked up im jail. However this incident has got Archana (Ankita Lokhande) closer to Manav as she is determined to get him out of the trouble.

Meanwhile, Archana's family wants her to get closer to Jaywant (Mahesh Shetty) to whom she is getting married.

We hear that in the coming episodes, Jaywant will get the opportunity to make love towards Archana.

Our source tells us, "Archana's sisters plan a date for Archana and Jaywant in which Jaywant tries to get close to Archana. However, Archana will not give any room and will ask Jaywant to stay away".

The episode will be aired this Monday. If sources are to be believed, Satish (Anurag Sharma) will eventually support Manav and Archana during their testing time.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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krishs123 10 years ago Wish Jaywant had taken up the main lead offer before. Now i wish Ekta gets some sense and gets him back as a positive lead which he deserves to be. As too much of manav and archana is killing the showSleepy. Show Jaywant as a Good man and a Loving Husband and get a new good change in this serial. Get a Good change and diffrent one too.. dont let it turn out to be same old storied which we have been seein since ages in all serials... its getting very boring with whtas happenin right now. I rather Watch big boss instead bcoz im losing intrest in PR coz of bored watchin Manav & Archana... Please Ekta Need A Change Desperately...

Jaywant and Archana's chemistry would be amazing.... Looking forward to seeing them together now for good....
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Avneet_sajan 10 years ago i wish arman gets back 2gether ...............
only then this show will rock.................
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krishs123 10 years ago what are you guys showing??? what are you teaching the world with this?? why did u separate the two in the first place... now when both hv agreed to marry shrawani and jaywant then why do all this??? what are you trying to show here Ekta??? didnt expect this from you... you are trying to show manav n archana to be the good guys when actually they doing wrong... they are playing with the shrawani n jaywant's life including thier families too... no one will tolerate this ... you are losing ur TRP big time.. we thought we would get to see something different and new... but u are just making to from bad to worse... grow up ekta.. people need to see something sensible... its high time you need to do something quick... get some positivity....
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rockinMJHT 10 years ago mr jaywant rane dont act stupid........arman rox......y r they not uniting them once n for all??????????????
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Anjali96 10 years ago sometimes i think whether Arman will ever reunite ..sigh
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..Sonii.. 10 years ago he is crossing limits,...........
You will surely get it back Jaywant2010-10-04 09:34:59
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suadvani 10 years ago GRRRRR - this whole track is driving me mad.. Jawant, Dharmesh, Sul Aai, Varshi & Vaishu.. they've all lost it!!
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Spartacus 10 years ago Well khayali pulav maat pakao, Mr.Rane......
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Somya_2200 10 years ago aaj tak manav tak toh "to make love" to arch inspite of being married for long tym... now wud this jayant be able to tempt the pavitra saint archu to do chee chee lollllllllllll
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Sanu4u 10 years ago ******** ke jaywant ko bahot pitna chahiye. **** ****2010-10-04 03:33:09
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