Jasmin Bhasin shares a video emphasising the significance of prioritising self-love

Taking to her Instagram handle, Jasmin Bhasin shares a reel with a caption that emphasises the significance of prioritising self-love.

Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin, a popular actress with a massive fan base, consistently engages her followers through captivating social media updates. Today, she delighted her fans by sharing a vibrant video showcasing her joyous dance and zest for life during her time in London for a project. The post garnered love from fans and industry friends alike.

Embracing the essence of self-love, Jasmin spread positivity and joy in her recent social media post. Clad in a chic hot pink co-ord set with a full-sleeved tee and matching trousers, she exuded happiness with carefree dance moves. The actress shared it with a heartfelt caption, "Self love always come first because I have always believed “we give what we have and the journey of giving love starts from loving ourselves first ❤️ If you also love yourself tag me in your reels 😘"

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The caption emphasises the significance of prioritising self-love. She encouraged followers to share their self-love moments, fostering a sense of positivity. Jasmin's radiant energy and stylish appearance resonated with her audience, which was evident from her enthusiastic responses. Fans showered her with compliments, expressing admiration for her cuteness and confessing she's their all-time favourite crush. Some fans credited her with bringing positivity into their lives. 

Currently in London, Jasmin Bhasin recently wrapped up shooting for the Punjabi movie "Carry on Jatta" alongside Sunil Grover and Sargun Mehta. Prior to this, she featured in the 2022 release "Honeymoon," directed by Amar Preet Chhabra, alongside Gippy Grewal. Her active presence on social media aligns with the growing trend of promoting self-affirmation and well-being in the digital realm.

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Is she still with her boyfriend? Anyways yes self love is imp

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