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Jamai Raja 2.0 Teaser : Nia Sharma & Ravi Dubey are Back With Their Sizzling Chemistry

Zee5 unveiled the first teaser of Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey starrer Jamai Raja…


 Zee5 is all set to bring the sequel of Zee TV’s popular family drama, Jamai Raja. The makers have retained the primary cast of the show and locked some fresh characters for the upcoming sequel, which will be a web series. Now, the platform has finally unveiled the first teaser of the web series.

The teaser opens up with Ravi Dubey’s character comparing people with cards wherein refers Sanjay Swaraj as the King, Achint Kaur as Queen, Nia Sharma as Ace and calls himself the Jack, who is very dangerous according to him and can fit anywhere. The teaser shows some glimpses of Nia and Ravi making out, which has surely raised the temperatures. In the end, he also reveals that he is here for taking revenge and destroy Durga Devi (Achint Kaur).

Have a look at it :

For the uninitiated, Jamai Raja was one of the most popular shows on Television, starring Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma. The show was produced by actor Akshay Kumar and co-produced by Ashvini Yardi and Meenakshi Sagar. The story centred around the bitter relationship of a mother-daughter and how the daughter’s love interest comes in their lives to change their perspectives for each other. However, this time the characters have donned a completely new avatar, giving a more modern touch to the show.

Are you excited for the sequel of Jamai Raja? Drop in your comments below.

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