It's time for some 'REAL' action...

REAL TV is all set for a launch in March, and will open with three major shows...


Another new channel called 'REAL TV' is all set to enter the world of General Hindi Entertainment. REAL TV is a 50:50 joint venture between Alva Brothers Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Turner International (Turner Asia Pacific Ventures Inc).

The channel promises to bring something different and unique with its shows and opens with three major shows, Poker Face, Vicky Ki Taxi and Hindi Hai Hum.
Poker Face, the internationally successful quiz-game show where one Indian will take away Rs.1 crore in just 7 days will be hosted by Sharman Joshi. It is produced by Miditech.
Vicky Ki Taxi, a drama show where unusual stories unfold in the unique setting of a taxi, with driver Vicky playing the role of a reluctant messiah. The main lead role will be essayed by Pawan Shankar who makes a comeback as lead after Siddhanth with this hour long weekly show. This show is again produced by Miditech.
Hindi Hai Hum, a compelling drama which brings to the fore front the underlying spirit of unity amongst Indian youth is produced by Swastik Pictures. Hindi Hai Hum is a heartwarming story of Bubbly, the innocent yet confident tourist guide from Nahaan, a small town in the state of Uttaranchal. Spurned by a suitor who wanted an English speaking bride, the story traces Bubbly's journey to Mumbai to learn the English language. A new girl Ridhi Dogra will be seen as a main lead in the show which is produced by Swastik Pictures. The wittingly scripted drama brings the underlying theme of unity to the forefront even while North is different to the South, as East is different to West, not to mention many other such twists as India goes global.
The channel is all set to launch in March though the date is yet to be announced officially.

Well time will decide whether REAL TV makes an impact for real or not!!


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blyton 11 years ago Nahaan is NOT in Uttaranchal! It is in Himachal Pradesh. Hope they don''t make such bloopers in the show!
-DulceMaria- 11 years ago wow!! looking forward to Pawan Shankar''s comeback and Hindi hai Hum.
-AMIGAIL-LOVER- 11 years ago bad channel and bad shows but stilll best of luck!
Gur.N.cool 11 years ago Poker face and Vicky ki Taxi look boring and dull!
Hindi hai hum looks little interesting.

but overall, i think this channel won''t be successful.
Priya_SD 12 years ago thnz duznt she look like monaz (im not sure wat her name is) aka esha ji frum jab luv hua?
Kai. 12 years ago i can't believe she is so so innocent esp after a film like neil & nikki
Rhimjhimsawan 12 years ago I like her! Mys ister hates her but I always liked her. Thanks for the article!
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