"It's our story, it's everyone's story" - Sharad Kelkar on his latest release, 'Slum Golf'

Kelkar who portrays the role of Coach Rane in the series, shared what makes the story of Slum Golf unique and noteworthy

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Sharad Kelkar in 'Slum Golf'

Amazon miniTV recently released its sports drama series, ‘Slum Golf,’ which chronicles the story of a young boy, Pawan and his unwavering determination to pursue his dream of being a professional golfer. With a strong and inspiring narrative, the series follows his story of triumphing over personal obstacles and making his way from the slums to the golf field. Starring Sharad Kelkar, Mayur More and Arjan Aujlain in pivotal roles, the series is streaming on Amazon miniTV for free.

Sharad Kelkar who portrays the role of Coach Rane in the series, shared what makes the story of Slum Golf unique and noteworthy. “It's our story, it's everyone's story who is dreaming of becoming something or achieving something. I think one can relate to the show. Maybe the sequences are different, or maybe the situations are different in this show, but you can connect with that. There might be hindrances in the way to achieve your goal but it's your efforts and your consistency which will make you win over all these problems and achieve the dream or the goal you wanted to,” he expressed. 

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Delving deeper into the distinctiveness of the series, he continued by sharing why it is a must-watch. He said, “First of all, it's free on Amazon Mini. Indians love free things. Secondly, it's a lovely show, it's a beautiful sports drama that we don't see much of in India. It's about golf, so you'll learn a lot about it. Thirdly, it is highly motivational, it will inspire you to achieve your goals.”

When it comes to Kelkar's other projects, the actor is once again set to be the voice for Prabhas in the Hindi-dubbed version of Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasfire, which is set to release on 22nd December 2023.

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