Its nice and great to work with Raju Kher and Himani Shivpuri : Neha Marda

Neha Marda who is loved as Urmi in Zee TV's popular show Doli Armaanon Ki talks about her co-stars Raju Kher and Himani Shivpuri who have recently joined the show.

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Spellbound Productions' Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV has been doing exceptionally well with the  performance of its star cast. As two seasoned actors have made their way in the show, the story is becoming more interesting with each passing day.

These seasoned actors are Raju Kher and Himani Shivpuri who are versatile actors. We got in touch with the lead actress of the show Urmi (Neha Marda) to know her experience working with these actors as in the show it is shown that she resides at Tiwarij and Sushma's house.

Neha is happy to work and share screen space with Raju Kher as he makes the environment lightly and cheerful,  "It is totally a new experience for me working with such a great actor. He is so funny that even after shooting serious scenes we feel calm and relaxed while listening to his talks and jokes. I can say that whenever he is around we cannot stop laughing as he keeps the atmosphere so bright and happy that we enjoy being with each other. So I can say he is such a fantastic actor that I have never met before."

She is ecstatic to learn more things from the noted actress Himani Shivpuri as she says, "I am very happy to work with Himaniji is our show. In fact before her entry I had a word with her and told her that how I wish she could be a part of this show and then when she entered Doli Armaanon Ki I was amazed with it. I have worked with her in the previous show Ghar Ek Sapna and it is a pleasure for me to work with her again. It is easy and comfortable to work with the one who knows you and I look up to her for learning more things in life.

"So I would say Raju Kher and Himani Shivpuri brought more freshness in our show and life," concludes Neha.

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MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago Neha Marda you are so perfect... love u a lot Heart Big smile keep rocking like always Big smile miss ur and karan mehra's couple from Saath Rahega Always.. miss u as Pihu Heart

katty23 9 years ago Thanks for the article
Im looking forward to the episode of imd
Dreamygal301 9 years ago I find these indian talk shows too sugary and laadi la - the host/ess would rather maintain their friendship with the star than probe and give the audience the nitty gritty. But each to their own.
--Preeti-- 9 years ago Simi ji shouldve just stopped AND rani shouldnt have raised her voice either!
Nikhi. 9 years ago Somehow, this doesn't quite seem right to me. Rani would obviously have been expecting questions about Aditya Chopra, so I can't imagine Simi Ji needing to explain the nature of the show to her. On the other hand, though Simi Ji does always try to dig deeper into people's personal lives, I find that she knows where to draw the line. She knows when someone's not comfortable to disclose more than what's already been said (e.g. Deepika, Anushka etc.), and she doesn't probe much further.

But I'm really looking forward to this episode with Rani. Smile
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