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Its going to be a special birthday for me, as I will be celebrating it with my Mom : Rati Pandey

Popular actress Rati Pandey shares her birthday plans and more in conversation with TellyBuzz.

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Beautiful and much loved actress Rati Pandey, who was last seen in Zee TV's popular show Hitler Didi, will be turning a year older tomorrow ie on 11th September. The birthday girl is flying to her hometown Patna today to celebrate her birthday with her family as she believes that birthdays become special if celebrated with parents.

Rati, who is currently on a sabbatical, is being missed a lot by her fans. TellyBuzz quizzed Rati about her birthday plans and about her plans to comeback to television.

What are your birthday plans?

I never plan my birthday; people plan my birthday and I am so lucky that from last 2 years, my birthdays have been celebrated very nicely. I feel myself complete, whenever I am with my family celebrating any festival with them. This time also I am going to celebrate my birthday with my Mom because she is the one who has brought me into this world. So, it's going to be a special birthday for me.

What kind of surprises you are expecting for this birthday?

I don't have any expectations because I have always been stood for my family and am like a son for my family. I used to organize everything but this time my sister in law who is the new member of my family is going to be with us. She is so good at planning surprises that she has left me behind. I know that this time also she will plan a surprise for me (smiles). Though I never ask or demand for anything but I know that she will make me happy. She makes everyone happy on their birthdays with her new innovative ideas. So, she might have also planned something for me.

Do you have any plans to treat your friends in Mumbai for your birthday?

My friends are very demanding. They like to have food cooked by me especially Kanika (Kanika Maheshwari) for whom I keep cooking; I have become a good cook now. So, I might cook something for them and treat them before going to Patna.

What kind of projects are you looking forward to?

As everyone knows that I cannot do en number of projects and main har cheez mein haath nahi daalti hun because I cannot do everything. Mujhse agar kuch hoga toh who ek hin kaam hoga but it should be perfect. Being a Virgo, I am a perfectionist but now I focus more on performance over perfection. If I will get such a show which I won't say it to be challenging but it should be different because Miley Jab Hum Tum and Hitler Didi were trendsetters. So, a show which will set another trend after Hitler Didi so I would like to do that show.

What kind of offers are you getting?

Frankly speaking, I am not reading any kind of scripts. Honestly speaking, I didn't work at all for 7 months because I didn't want to work. Whatever projects I am getting approached for are not exciting. Those ones are not something different for me. I wouldn't say that as a good project but I want to do something different which would later come out to be a good one.

Would you like to take up reality shows, if offered?

Definitely, I am open for reality shows. Reality shows differ a lot. There are many reality shows in which your physical activity is required a lot. I have been approached for Khatron Ke Khiladi from last 2-3 years but I had some health issues and after Hitler Didi, I wanted a break from work but now, by God's grace I am fit and healthy now. If I will be offered a show which will require a lot of physical activity then I might not be able to do it. So, if I will get a different reality show then I would like to take it up.

Are you preparing yourself for your new projects?

I never prepare myself. I only believe in present and live in present. I have never thought about my future. God has given me everything even if I have got it late. I never regret about anything and my Mom has always taught me that whatever happens, happens for good so never regret about anything; jo bhi kaam karo, shiddat se karo aur aj ke liye karo, kal ke liye nahi (smiles).

Your fans miss you a lot and want you to comeback to television very soon. What do you want to say to them?

It's their love for me. I am currently enjoying my sabbatical. I get touchy and emotional when I see the fans shower their love for me and it's all because of their love that I am getting popularity. I get so many mails from them which are very exciting. It's because of their love that I am happy. I would like to say to all of them that I am just enjoying my sabbatical and have not quit television. I am very happy with my life by just enjoying and relaxing. I will come back with a good new project very soon may be next year and I know that you all will appreciate that. I know that you all have a lot of expectations from me so I don't want to disappoint you all by taking up any kind of project. So, if I will get a new project then I will definitely make a comeback to television.

We wish you a very happy birthday Rati! Have a blessed and a wonderful year ahead!

Anwesha Kamal


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island8 4 years ago RATI DI You Rocks! I Cant Tell You Exactly How Much I Respect You As A Person, You Are An Amazing Human Being, Love You sweetheart :-) Love NUPUR:)
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Ratiholic 6 years ago RATI , Hope you Have enjoyed your b'day . AND hope you liked all the Gifts Send To you By your Fans . But Where Iz My Gift ?? My Gft Iz You cme back To TV soon With a bang !!! Its A long Time 1 year 1 month and 28 Days , more How Long To wait . . Come back Soon .
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sumera_sulaiman 6 years ago how badly i was waiting for ur bday di lekin i was not able to wish u on ur bday :( due to network problem.. anyways keep smiling di and enjoy..
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josh767 6 years ago M



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dangerous111 6 years ago RATI PANDEY you are the real Superstar of Indian telly!
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storylover22 6 years ago I love you great Rati Pandey nobody is greater than you
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koyalbird 6 years ago Rati Pandey come back again please its been a long time we have seen you on screen
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ricksfair 6 years ago Rati Pandey all the best my love we love you
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lisano1 6 years ago good night sweet gal love you Rati Pandey
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mirrorread 6 years ago Rati Pandey lovee you

lovee youlovee youlovee youlovee you
lovee youlovee youlovee youlovee youlovee youlovee you
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