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'It's a matter of pride to play Ram' - Gurmeet Chaudhary

Gurmeet Chaudhary who plays Ram in NDTV Imagine's Ramayan in a candid interview with Telly Buzz...

Published: Monday,Jun 23, 2008 12:05 PM GMT-06:00
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Gurmeet Chaudhary who plays Ram in NDTV Imagine’s Ramayan regards this mytho as his biggest break. Telly Buzz caught up with this talented actor for a frank chit chat on the show and his career.

Its a matter of pride to play Ram - Gurmeet Chaudhary
Tell us about your background…
I hail from Madhya Pradesh. I have done a number of films down south, few TV shows and music videos as well.

How does it feel to essay such a great character as Lord Ram?
It’s a matter of pride to have been selected to portray the biggest hero of Hindu religion. I had to make sure that my language and body mannerisms fitted the character.

Were you a bit hesitant to play the role of Ram, given the fact that the original Ramayan is still deeply rooted in public psyche?
No, I was dead sure for the same makers of the original Ramayan are also behind this NDTV Imagine presentation as well. I had to just concentrate on my effort and nothing else. I have really put my heart and soul into this show.

How different is this from the original version?
We have tried our best to make the language as simple as possible. Plus given the technological advancements, we can show many more things which were not possible last time around.

Have you imbibed any positive traits of Ram into your personal life?
Yes I feel I have, but can’t pinpoint any particular trait, as it is for others to give their opinions. But people have always said that I am a sweet guy who goes out of his way to help others.

Which part of Ramayan do you like the most personally?
The vanvas part, for this was part of the cosmic design to kill Ravan.

Do you think epics like Ramayan hold significance to the kids of today’s generation?
In fact most of the audiences of Ramayan are children and youngsters. Given today’s high stress life, people are beginning to turn to God for guidance.

How has your family reacted to you playing Lord Ram?
They are the happiest people around. They tell me that I could not have got a better role than this. Seeing them happy makes me feel elated.

Now with Mahabharat starting soon, do you think Ramyan's popularity will be affected?
No for the stories are completely different. While our show deals with faith, Mahabharat is a family drama. Plus our show has already been on air for some time and is quite popular.

With which co-star are you the most comfortable off-screen?
Though I am friendly with every one, I am closest with Debina Banerjee (Sita) and Ankit Arora (Lakshman) for we have maximum scenes together.

There is a speculation that you and Debina are married?
No, there is lot of talk about this, but it’s all false. Why should I hide something like this?

So is there somebody in your life?
Not right now, but if there is then India-Forums will be the first to know.

What’s next for Gurmeet?
I am doing a Subhash Ghai movie on football. This film which is scheduled for release in next few months is full of new comers.

Would you quit tellywood if the movie succeeds?
Right now I am paying full attention to Ramayan. Only later on will I take a call on anything else.

What kind of characters would you be looking at?
As an actor I would love to do all kind of characters including negative, if I like the script.

Arun Govil who played Ram earlier got typecast, do you have this fear?
No I don’t think so for times have changed since then.

In closing, any message to yours fans?
I want to thank them from the bottom of heart as without their love and support, Ramyan would not have been so popular.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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jai sri ram
Anusha @jai sri ram 15 years ago thanks for this beutiful episode you and sagra atrs are giving , I love ramayan before you have telecasted on tv but now , it is new because we can arrive to describ in our heearth what does lord rama done ! But there is a think, nobody has seen the Lord Rama , so until he will come in Earth , we will all go on when we pray to have you like Shree rama !
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MalarSwapna @MalarSwapna 15 years ago I love each and every scene in Ramayan..........
I like you a lot.............
Keep up the best work ever......
We havent seen the LORD Ram....
But now we r seeing him in u.............
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Akki @DamRyeong 15 years ago thanx 4 d interview...our KAMAL NAYAN is really vry sweet and cute.........
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purvi @coolpurvi 15 years ago Gurmeet is a superb actor. He has a God-like look.
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RAJEEV @tushar_1988 15 years ago thanks for the interview he is really humble as i know him very well
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vaishnavi @camella 15 years ago wow!!! so happy to see his interview..must say tht this guy has sum substance and is really down-to-earth! gr8 going n keep it up gurmeet..n we must also thank the i-f reporters for interviewing him..thnku
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
sita @sitakshii 15 years ago guys FOR UR info lemme tell u tht RAMAYAN always maintains its position among the top20 shows of india,u all can always check tht in the trp charts .

gurmeet is such a humble & downto earth guy ,even MR.SANDEEP PANDYA (top reporter of star news) praised gurmeet sooooooooooooo much for his humble & down to earth nature ,he is such a sweet person & the NEW RAMAYAN IS A GENIUS SHOW & GURMEET IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME & dashing in the role of RAM.
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Sonali @adventure_gurl 15 years ago Glad he has confidence but isn't too arrogant. Wish him all the best!
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RadicalLeftist @radicalleftist 15 years ago the previous ramayan was and still is the best.nothing can beat it.
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sita @sitakshii 15 years ago I like GURMEET SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ,HE IS OUR KAMAL NAYAN !!!


WOW !!! thanks a bunch tely buzz for the interview of our RAM OUR KAKAL NAYAN GURMEET !!!!!!
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