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'It is up to the audience to rate me as an actor' - Shabbir Ahluwalia

The handsome hunk, Shabbir Ahluwalia has achieved fame and succes as Milind in Kayamath... Here is the heart throb, in conversation...


Shabbir Ahluwalia, the ‘happening name’ in the Telly Industry today, who earlier made a mark with his negative portrayals, to be aptly called the ‘Bad Man of Television’, has now charmed all hearts with his pleasing personality of Milind in Kayamath.

Here is the actor in a tête-à-tête with our reporter, Ranjini Nair..

How does it feel to be the most loved protagonist, after being tagged the ‘Bad Man of Television’?
It feels great to be loved and liked by so many fans. I am happy that people are accepting me in whatever I do, and this is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. I really do not know what else to say..

Milind and Panchi in Kayamath have been christened MICHI by their fans, what do you have to say about this?
I think it is a good thing to get named by your fans! Viewers have symbolized our pair and want to see more of us on screen, so it is great feeling indeed!

How is it working in Kayamath and can you share a memorable moment on the sets?
Everyday is memorable on Kayamath sets. Sanjeeda Prachi, Jay, all are very good people to work with. We all share a good working environment. As far as a memorable moment is concerned, I just cannot recollect any at the moment, as every second spent there is in itself so nice!

You have done the bad man roles before, and now you are liked by all as a protagonist. What kind of role is closer to your heart?
All the roles are close to me; otherwise I would have not done these roles. If I do not like a particular role, how can the audience like me? I always take up the roles I believe in, and only if I feel nice doing it.

So what does Shabbir look for, in a role?
I do not just look at the role; I also look into the script. Lots of things go into a role, the manner in which the character is bound to the story line is important.

Talking about the track in Kayamath, Milind has now got partial amnesia. So what lies ahead for the much-loved jodi of Milind and Prachi?
Well, how can I know that? I suffer from partial amnesia, so forget certain things. I would have revealed the future track to you, but unfortunately, I have forgotten everything on the track ahead for MICHI, courtesy partial amnesia (smiles)

If there is one thing that you would like to change in the story track of Kayamath, what would that be?
I am happy with the story track till now; otherwise, I would not have been here. Every story has its own ups and downs, positives and negatives, so let us take it as it comes!

Tell us about the person and actor in Shabbir Ahluwalia?
As an actor, I cannot judge myself. I try to give my best everyday, but it is up to my fans and audience to rate me. As a person, well, I really do not know what kind of a person I am!

You are a great dancer, so would we be seeing you in a dance reality show soon?
I would love to, but whenever I approach to take part in a kids show, they tell me I am too old. I do not want to compete with people of my age, as I am afraid of losing the competition (laughs). Jokes apart, I would love to be in a dance reality show, but due to my hectic schedule, I rarely get time to involve myself in dance shows. I believe in giving 100% when I take up something, at the same time, I also need some time to relax and cannot take too much pressure at the same time.. So let’s see!!

Any message to your fans?
Thank you so much for loving me, I will always give my best to my audience!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh


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JiyaRe 12 years ago WOW... everytime I watch Shabbir, he just leaves me in absolute awe! (*jaw dropping in amazement*)..He is one versitile actor, i seriously can not think of any words to describe. The portrayal of every emotion (the way Milind has evolved from hating to loving Prachi). One TALENTED actor!!! and talent is what makes one distinct.

Shabbir you'r an amazing host,actor, dancer!! is there anything that you cant do?? sing??

God bless you and may you have endless success :)
sizkar9 12 years ago This content is hidden.
sitakshii 12 years ago yiphEEEEEEEEEEEE yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! finally tellybuzz got an interview from shabbir after all ppl at india-forums gave the MICHI name !!!!! MICHI became sooooooooooooo popular all becaz of INDIA-FORUMS !!
desi chic
desi chic 12 years ago Shabbo darl'in... you rock!!

tweety_me14 12 years ago This content is hidden.
nycdesiqt 12 years ago i luv him!! lol! he is a great actor and hott!! :)
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Ishanvii 12 years ago This content is hidden.
yipee 12 years ago yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks so much for this TB
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