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Ishaan Singh Manhas: I believe that the kids in my days were more active and physically fit

Ishaan Singh Manhas, who is part of the show Sanjog

Published: Wednesday,Nov 16, 2022 11:15 AM GMT-07:00
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Ishaan Singh Manas

Actor Ishaan Singh Manhas, who is part of the show Sanjog, says that today’s generation of kids have a lot of technology around them and they often get distracted by it. The actor adds that this was not the situation when he was a child and he played much more outdoors than the kids of today.

“In my school days mobile phones, tablets did not exist and even computers were not as advanced as they are today. We were not so dependent on technology. Of course, we had video games but we spent more time playing physical sports outdoors. I believe that the kids in my days were more active and physically fit compared to the ones today in the digital age. Kids these days are so much distracted by the internet, TV and technology that they miss out on the real things in life.

Although, at the same time, they also have easy access to so much more information and knowledge compared to our childhood,” he says.

Talking about what he feels they are missing out on, he says, “Kids these days are missing out on real interactions and physical activities. They spend most of their time on tablets, phones and TV. Also wanted to point out that the air and water pollution those days was very low compared to today. These days the kids living in main cities have to grow up in a less healthy environment compared to my childhood days.”

Talking about his childhood memories, the actor says, “There are a lot of memories from my childhood. Those days, I used to read many comics like Archie, Tintin, Chacha Chaudhary etc. I used to collect toy figures and stamps. Cycling and swimming were regular for me and most of my free time was spent with kids in my neighbourhood. We used to play cricket, football, badminton, hide and seek, and many more games. We were not at all distracted by technology so our whole focus was on real things in life”

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Divya Jindal
Divya Jindal 2 months ago well said 👍
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Snowfally 2 months ago True. Need of the hour is to balance everything as internet cannot be removed from one's life and gadget off time is also needed.
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