Is Anu Malik being partial?

Anu Malik bias towards Ragini Khanna is pretty evident on the sets of Zee TV's Star Ya Rockstar...

This is a sheer case of 'old wine, new bottle.' Fingers are being pointed yet again on Music Director and Zee TV's Star Ya Rockstar judge Anu Malik for not being fair and justifying his statements. Since the last few weeks, Anu has been giving high scores to actress Ragini Khanna when other contestants performed much better.

An eye witness present on the set informs, "Anu seems to have a strong bias towards actor Ragini Khanna. It is evidently seen by one and all present on the sets that her closest competitor Chhavi Mittal is clearly a superior vocalist. Despite this, week after weeks, viewers will recall that Chhavi's fantastic performances have only earned her modest scores while Ragini's mediocre renditions of relatively easier tunes have won her gushy, rave reviews and top scores."
So what does Ragini feel about this issue? "Frankly speaking no one can challenge Anuji's comments as the man has spent most of his life in music. I am glad that he likes my performance. Someone likes and someone dislikes it. It is their own point of view." She further reveals the core of this controversy. "I know this issue rose because Manish Paul, Manasi Parekh and few others have commented that Chhavi and Manasi performed better than me but could not garner the marks which I have gained," claims Ragini.

Well Chhavi, you certainly have our sympathies but what we still can't figure is the reason behind Anu's growing fondness for the effervescent, charming actress...

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa


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Euphoria. 8 years ago Although I don't follow the show very closely, I did catch some of Ragini's performances and personally, I disliked them. She is clearly the weakest of the lot. It definitely amazes me to see a singer like her being showered with praises and marks. Partiality at it's peak I would say. :)
nishersal 8 years ago I disagree with Ragini that it is a matter of dislike and like - it should not be that subjective. Personally, everybody is performing better that Ragini - could not understand why Vikas Bhalla and Manish Paul was voted off. And based on the comments I've heard given to other performers by Anu Malik I think THAT THERE IS CLEAR BIAS. Anu has singlehandedly defeated the whole purpose of the talent show - it has been severely compromised. I've stopped watching because I cannot watch and listen to the unfair comments given by Anu. He should excuse himself as a judge and Zee should start over the competition with new judges. Alisha is superb.
Priya_ram 8 years ago Awesome article...So much for 15 years of classical training in singing...if she can go such off notes with 15 years of practice ..then god save the listeners..n as per anu malik...He sud concentrate more on composing rather than judging talent shows and writing his "mere style main bolta hun " shayaris...
rtsd 8 years ago actually i like ragini as an actor, dancer, anchor and as a personality.. she tries different things... she sang well in other programs but i could not find that quality in this show...
poor judging is creating controversy... i dont know why they are praising her for her mediocre performances... i think she has got herself into a mess which brings down her own reputation...
chavi has improved a lot
mansi is the best singer...
if it is a singing competition then it should be mansi to win it no one else deserves among them...
anu malik needs counselling i guess
iViews 8 years ago Even if this article was regarding anyother Singer than too I'll say this much .
1) Most important thing for performance is voice which Ragini lacks .
2) AM's praising Ragini left & right is not helping her anyway . Nor its Ragini's fault that AM praise her .
3) they want to creat controversy regarding AM - Ragini so there Ragini is . She is just part of it even though she doesn't responsible for Points .
4) I don't believe that Channel gives Ragini lousy songs & rest of the contestants nice songs . Ragini's voice doesn't suit the songs itself than what possible difference its going to make . No matter how lousy song is HOW TO SING IS IN RAGINI'S HAND . This is not excuse for giving not so good enough performance .
5) Chavi is not that good singer to begin with but she has improved for good . Which no one can deny . While I don't see any kind of Improvement in Ragini from the first day .
6) Show has WORST JUDGES in the world
7) show gives title to MOST FAN FOLLOWING singer not to best singer . Nothing more to it .
8) personally I want Manasi to win the title .
Teeya 8 years ago haan mujhe bhi aisa hi lag raha hai, aur chaavi, ragini se bhi jyaada Mansi bhi bahot khubsoorat gaati hai phir bhi anuji ragini ragini hi kiye jaa rahe hai.yeh thik nahi hai.
A HUGE FAN 8 years ago I agree with this article. Ragini is good, but Manasi & Chhavi are better!
dua_44ever 8 years ago In my opinion I think both Chavvi and Ragini are the same level of singers... If Ragini have messed up some times, Chavvi too have gone off beat a lot of times...

Now as far as the judging is concerned...we can't point fingers at the judges just because they are not picking OUR favs. I mean both Anu Malik and Alisha have found faults in singers like Sachinji and Mansi too...

oh well...this was bound to happen... All reality shows are nothing without controversies!
Oh and as for Manish Paul's comments! No offence to his fans, but the dude is not that great of a singer anyways... and he himself had a tiff with Anu Malik earlier when Anu criticized his bad singing...Later on SAME Anu Malik acknowledged his good singing too...
I am not a fan of Anu Malik but I just don't want people to point fingers at someone when the whole picture is not clear! What good will Anu Malik get favoring Ragini? What?

Also wanted to add a little more...
Like I said earlier, Anu Malik is not going to be benefited if Ragini wins or not...
Speaking on Ragini, she is a self made girl. Shehas been in the TV industry for so long, if she wanted she could have used her own Mama's name and gotten success or gotten a movie. She is not the one who takes favors! She has done 3 super hit shows ON HER OWN! She has hosted as well as done a dance show!
Agar woh aise favors lene wali ya partiality karne wali hoti toh she didn't need to work so damn hard!
So all those pointing their fingers at Ragini... WHAT ARE YOU HATING ON?
Oh Well! I personally want Mansi to win Smile
2011-11-13 14:39:42
suresh555 8 years ago Ha ha ha, finally, they noticed? Yes, Annu has been unfair with his comments and scores, mainly towards Chhavi and Manish. The man also was a bit more generous to Mansi and sometimes Sachin.

The funniest thing is the guy who swears by Sur is the biggest besura man I have ever heard. He also claimed that he did 300 movies in his career (have to wonder, what planet these movies were made in as I can't see him do more than a 100)

With an exception to a few very good albums, most of his work has been very bad. Why do they make him a judge is beyond me, unless he comes free of charge
Rhea.KaJen 8 years ago Well according to me, Chavvi is not good as a singer..i mean she goes off every time she sings a song..
and Ragini, well she's classically trained so is bound to not go off..
I myself am classically trained for 13 yrs now... I can judge them myself..
Ragini is good..
But Manasi is the best!
She deserves to win this show!
All the best to Manasi! ^_^
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