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Iqbal Khan on Waaris...

Iqbal Khan plays the father's son in Zee's upcoming serial Waaris. Here is the actor talking on the serial and his role...

Published: Wednesday,Jul 23, 2008 11:58 AM GMT-06:00
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Iqbal Khan will be back to television with Smriti Irani’s Waaris very soon!! Most of the serials of today are woman-oriented, but Waaris surely falls into a different category, feels Iqbal. “At the same time, I will not say this is a male-oriented subject. Waaris can be watched by the entire family”, quips he.

Iqbal Khan on Waaris...
The actor seems to be enjoying working with the veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi. “He is a fantastic actor and whenever we do any scene together, we discuss and give it a best shot”, says the actor. When asked about the promos seeming similar to Sarkar, Iqbal quickly states, “Not at all!! Waaris is the story of a family where all members are equally important in which the father and son are hand-in-hand in a business that is not normal. But we cannot say that it is underworld business as we do not deal with drugs or arms! We basically fight for a right cause”.

Ask him whether he undertook any training to play such a role, the actor quotes, “The character is not that complex that I had to go to Dharavi and train for it. Above all, we do not get sufficient time to research when we are working in daily soaps”. Explaining his character in the serial, “Shankar is very aggressive. In situations where a simple slap will provide results, Shankar will go five steps ahead and probably will kill the person”.

When asked about the experience working with Smriti Irani, the actor says, “It is a very nice experience working with Ugraya. Smriti Irani is not just a producer who cuts cheques at the end of the day; she is a person who gets creatively involved in her project”.

Lastly, we ask him why he left Choona Hai Aasmaan and the actor states, “When I took CHA, I had clearly told them that if the track loses focus, then I will be out. Above all, the serial lacked the right promotion”.

Telly Buzz wishes Iqbal Khan a hearty welcome to television!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair
Picture: Supriyo Das

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Aman @sunvai 15 years ago why would they make a spiderman movie when there already is one in english. Plus, you can always see the dubbed hindi version...i really hope he doesnt, he's kinda getting old..and this role wouldnt suit him.
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 15 years ago i hope he doesnt
i cant imange him as spiderman
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 15 years ago yayy!! cnt wait for monday!! 2 dayz to go...
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RandomSquared @RandomSquared 15 years ago ahhhhh i cant wait!! theres only like 3 days too goo, i cant wait for monday!! im soo excited!! cant wait to jus cum back from work n rush into my room n watch it..the vid better b posted by 4!! hehe
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Debika Bhowmick @shreyabhra 15 years ago thanx for dat piece . really luking forward for da serial. hope he gets satisfaction this time. n i really agree wit him even i felt a same star one didnot promote da serial well. anywayz let bygones be bygonesesp wen cha is already off air.

well waris is strting frm 28th july at 11 pm on zee tv. watch it!
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Isha @Sidarth_lover1 15 years ago thnx 4 tha article but is tha show goin 2 b on Sony T.V. not sure bout dat HELP!!!!!! lolz!
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pallavi25 @pallavi25 15 years ago OMG hes looking so OLD and tired and haggard! What happened to him? In 3 yrs he has aged 10 yrs. Of course we can understand how much stress hes under, coping with a madwoman. lolz.
I can hardly envision him as Angad anymore, he really looks like Iqbal Chacha.
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Adonis @adonis 15 years ago Finally Iq also realised the power of IF no wonder line par aa gaya to give the interview.

Saala kahi kaa... All of them especially his chillar fabs bash IF on their stupid blogs and idhar ye aadmi interview de raha hai.. What a hypocrite chee chee.

Now Iqbal chamchas dont quote me and make yourself DUMB in every members eyes , THIS IS A FACT and EVERBODY ACCEPTS IT .
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Baljit @pkomal8 15 years ago wat eva show iqbal sreps in it it always rocks
i luv u iqbal
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Ammu @ammmu 15 years ago My darling is baaacccckkkkkkkkkk!!! Can't wait to see him, the promos are exciting too... thanks for the article!
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