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India's Raw Star has given me my own identity! - Mohit Gaur

Mohit Gaur who is currently seen in Star Plus's India Raw Star in the top four finalist speaks to TellyBuzz about his journey, how has life changed post the show and much more.

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Star Plus's singing reality show India's Raw Star has finally reached its last stage. Mohit, among other contestants have never got a position below top four and here in this candid chat with him, he speaks his heart out about his journey as well as how has the show changed his life in all possible way. Read on!

How has your journey of India's Raw Star (IRS) been so far?
It has been a fabulous journey. Not even in my dreams I had thought that I will reach till top four. India's Raw Star has given me things that I could have never achieved otherwise. It was an amazing phase of my life. The first time when I met Honey Singh when he had come to Jaipur back then to announce that I was the lucky one who got selected for India's Raw Star. From that time till today, I have cherished each moment spent here. People wait just to get a glimpse of Honey Singh and here with me, I shared a relation just like a brother. This is something that I will never forget. We share a very deep relation and actually connect heart-to-heart. When I sit back and think, I wonder where was I an ordinary man and where destiny has brought me today. I am so thankful to God and IRS. It is just a dream come true.

How has this show help you flourish your singing skills?
I never accept myself as a singer. I loved being called a performer because I love performing. Be it performing for a college program or in any of the bands. And the mentors here that I came across in India's Raw Star like Akash sir, Nagen sir, Aditya sir et al have helped me so much to improve my singing skills. All of them have trained me so well that, that can be seen through my performance. 

How has India's Raw Star helped you change your identity?
I would say India's Raw Star has been the best phase of my life. Earlier I used to deliberately go out and find a stage to perform and now this is the time when people have started noticing me, getting inspired by me. Today, people call me to come and perform for their function. That feeling is just different. I feel God has been so graceful to me. It is no less than an achievement in my life. Through IRS, I have got a chance to connect with people.

Any certain incident that you will cherish forever
During the second episode, Priyanka Chopra had come on the sets for some promotion. Back then, she asked me to sing a song for her and she wanted to hear it like just another person from the audience. Honey Singh and Priyanka Chopra actually stepped down and stood amid the audience while I was singing. Priyanka is my all time favorite actress and standing and singing in front of her was just like a dream to me. I will never forget that moment.

TellyBuzz wishes Mohit all the good luck for his future!

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Shaina_b 9 years ago @irene_c

They are celebs!!!!!That's why people have a right to judge them!!!!

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irene_c 9 years ago @Shaina why not? So many ppl are in relationships longer n they still don't get it right with that person. Besides who r we to judge what ppl do in their personal lives n the decisions they make2011-11-16 09:35:39
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dua_44ever 9 years ago Media ne toh Aishwarya ko twins aur baby boy bhi expect karwa diya tha...Media ne Saif and Bebo ki shaadi march mein karwadi thi...and now just because this girl might have a ring on her finger..she is engaged to be married to John and they also know the date.. WAH!

Senseless and Baseless People!
Anyone who believes this crap, has definitely not figured out media antics yet! LOL2011-11-16 08:59:44
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Shaina_b 9 years ago @irene_c

Its obvious he never wanted to marry Bips!!!!!He needed 8 years to figure it out with her??

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R.A.J 9 years ago I thought he ws against d marriage thingy. If dtz nt d case why did he leave Bipasha?
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irene_c 9 years ago Obviously bipashaa n john were not meant to be hence it didn't work even after eight yrs
perhaps she's his soulmate n when its clicks it clips. What sick about it?
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shivani003 9 years ago Well he does have a right to move on. If both separated after so long then maybe it just wasnt meant to be. Iam sure both must have tries their best to make it work. Though I dont think wediing bells will be ringing so soon. Seems unlikely since it hasnt been that long since his last break up.
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Shaina_b 9 years ago 8 years with Bips and he didn't marry her but iske saath so soon!!!!!


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LimitLessFan 9 years ago Best of Luck John, kya baar hai, First Salman, Genelia , Saif and Now Johns getting married next year ... wow
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rani0247 9 years ago Good for him. After all life does go on...
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