Imlie: Vishwa takes over the Chaudhary house and reveals the Chaudharys killed his father

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Vishwa will be seen taking over the Chaudhary house and further revealing that he is here to take revenge.

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Agastya expresses skepticism about the engagement and marriage drama orchestrated by Vishwa, suspecting that Imlie might be coerced into these actions. Imlie, however, asserts her independence, revealing that their contractual marriage has concluded, and she holds no significance in Agastya's life anymore. Agastya challenges her, urging her to reiterate this while looking into his eyes.

Amidst this tension, a sudden attack on Dulari by an unknown assailant disrupts the scene. Agastya and Imlie, alerted by Dulari's cries, hasten towards the commotion, with Vishwa following closely. The Chaudhry family, upon reaching Dolly's room, discovers her absence, and panic sets in as they notice bloodstains. Imlie concludes that Dolly has been kidnapped, and Agastya emphasizes that her life is also at risk.

In the face of danger, the family decides to leave the house, but the killer locks all exits and plunges the place into darkness. Agastya and Vishwa, armed with flashlights, embark on a search for the assailant. Tensions rise as Agastya blames Vishwa for pressuring Imlie into marrying him. Vishwa defends his actions, asserting that Imlie is free to make her choices.

As the pursuit continues, the killer traps Agastya and Vishwa in a room, heightening the threat. Meanwhile, accusations are thrown at Imlie, holding her responsible for the predicament. Daadi intervenes, defending Imlie, but tensions escalate. Imlie and Jugnu venture out to find Agastya and Vishwa. Agastya and Vishwa struggle to break free from the locked room when Vishwa recalls a hidden passage. They manage to escape just in time to save Imlie from the attacking killer.

In a dramatic turn, Vishwa shoots the assailant, leading to a fatal fall from the balcony. The family unveils the killer's identity, revealing a shocking truth that sets the stage for Vishwa's revelation about his father Tej Pratap Singh's sinister actions and the impending reclaiming of the Chaudhry mansion.


Vishwa takes control of the Chaudhry house, disclosing the startling revelation that the mastermind behind the Chaudhrys' torment is none other than his own father, Tej Pratap Singh. The heir has returned to reclaim his legacy and confront the sinister past that has haunted the family.

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