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Imlie sides with Aryan post Aditya exposes him in 'Imlie'

Gear up for an emotion packed episode of Star Plus show 'Imlie'.

Published: Thursday,Mar 03, 2022 04:35 AM GMT-07:00
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Imlie, Aryan and Aditya

Star Plus show 'Imlie' is getting the love of the audience. The current track of the show revolves around Aryan meeting with a major accident while saving Arpita. Aryan is battling for his life while his family is extremely stressed and has been praying for his recovery. Meanwhile, Aditya has learned about Aryan's motive and his revenge plan.

In the upcoming episodes, IMlie overhears about a special pooja to make any prayer heard. She decides to perform the pooja risking her life. She makes a circle of fire around her and performs a tandav. Towards the end, Aditya comes and put water on the fire. Imlie gets angry on him and that's when Aditya reveals Aryan's truth and tells her that he has been using her just like Malini used him (Aditya).

Imlie gives a befitting reply to Aditya and tells him that Aryan has been with her in most grave situation wherein he didn't had any benefits but still he supported her and made sure that she's fine. Imlie refuses to believe ADitya and sides with Aryan.

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Imlie gets a call from Narmada and she informs her that Aryan is fine. Imlie gets elated and heads for the hospital. Aditya tells him that it's his punishment as she is not trusting him. Imlie replies that she only trusts her boss babu.

Aryan has an emotional re-union with family. Arpi apologizes to him for getting him into trouble. Aryan replies that he is happy that everything is fine. He asks about Imlie. She comes in the room. Aryan asks about work. Narmada tells him that IMlie wasn't working and has been praying ever since he was hospitalized.

Furthermore, Aryan asks Imlie to give him the laptop to work.

Fahmaan Khan Sumbul Touqeer Imlie 

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hurrom 5 months ago It will be nice if they get married.... Thier relationship will be not like adilie.....It will be interesting to watch.......
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Siaa_Rickman 5 months ago Oh, I see actors tagged finally! Thank you IF team.
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Siaa_Rickman 5 months ago Yet another heartwarming episode. Loved the scene of Aryan and Arpita, that brother sister bond, those emotions and the body language there by FK and Rajshri, they nailed it. Sumbul is brilliant as ever and that scene where she thwarts AKT, effing great! Keep'em coming team Imlie!!
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egle 5 months ago 50-50 partnership coming to life with Aryan and Imlie! Bring on the shaaadiiiii
ST and FK are crushing their roles!! Wonderful to watch them on screen together because they LIGHT. IT. UP.
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Sir-Please 5 months ago Love the dynamic they've built for Arylie, a relationship based on unconditional trust😍
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lovereading14 5 months ago The current track is so telling of the faith they hav in each other. I really hope they maintain this show of faith... cant wait for #AryliekiShaadi :)
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lovereading14 5 months ago Look at you IF... finally giving us a good number of articles... keep it up!
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RainFire125 5 months ago This plot was to make both Imli and Aryan realize that dynamics are changing. Aryan already knew, but now its come in his conscious mind. Imli did not know and it has directly come in her conscious mind!! The trust built is the foundation of their relation. Hope this relation flourishes!!
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ImTyro 5 months ago Such a lovely episode showcasing the veiled feelings imlie has for Aryan and the constraints Aryan is imposing on himself to stop him from realising his love. Isme bhi aditya ko taang Adana ye banda ab bhi ' humara article first page se hataya ' mein h....such a self-obsessed and egoistic character. Imlie aditya ke tarah nahi h.....uske paas apna khud ka dimaag h.....jise woh aaj kal use bhi karti h .....ise q lagta h ki imlie khud isse door nhi ho sakti ....why should Aryan be involved in it too......highly delusional individual.
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Happysoul17 5 months ago Aditya ne Aryan ko expose nahi balki apne aap ko bachane ke liye ex bodyguard Imlie k paas chugli karne gaya tha 🤣🤣🤣. Bechara Adi mooh k bal geera,khali haath reh gaya aur ulte paer mein laut gaya 🤣🤣🤣.
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