Imlie: Imlie sees a masked man behind Atharva and tries to alert him

In the upcoming episode of Imlie, Imlie sees a masked man behind Atharva and will try to alert him.

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The episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight commences with Imlie ( Adrija Roy) extending solace to Jugnu, encouraging him to trust in God and assuring him that her brother will recover under the family's care. Jugnu reveals that his brother Chandu, who arrived in Purvaiya just two days ago, is being targeted for harm. Imlie, haunted by memories of a mysterious murderer, becomes apprehensive. Agastya (Sai Ketan Rao) questions her about any unusual sightings near her room, but Imlie denies any such observations. Despite the assurance that the culprit will be apprehended soon, the household remains on edge as an intruder targeted Chandu.

Throughout the sleepless night, Imlie grapples with fear. Agastya, waking up to her continued distress, lightens the mood with a playful remark about her recent encounter with a large man in a cupboard. Imlie, unamused, pledges to manage her fears from the next day onwards. Agastya expresses a desire to talk to her, leading to a serious conversation about their complicated relationship. Despite his claims that she values money more than relationships, Imlie remains resolute in continuing her façade as his fake wife until further notice.

Annapurna notices furniture being moved into their outhouse and questions Sonali and Agastya about the sale of the property. Sonali reveals that it has been mortgaged, prompting Annapurna to question how an investor could sell their outhouse without consent. The arrival of Navya and her family brings news that the investor sold the outhouse to them, marking a significant shift in the family's living arrangements.

Imlie's friends playfully tease her about her romantic involvement with Agastya and share a video of them, adding unexpected twists to the storyline. They also reveal that Pallo forced Bulbul to spend the night outside. Agastya assists Vishwa in shifting furniture into the outhouse, sparking Imlie's suspicions about Vishwa's actions around Agastya. When questioned, Vishwa, a senior inspector, discloses that he has been following Imlie to protect her from a perceived threat, and the family accepts his explanation. Agastya becomes concerned for Imlie's safety.

Returning home, Navya expresses concerns about Imlie potentially disrupting their plans and contemplates drastic measures. Vishwa assures her that he will handle the situation. Unable to reach Bulbul, Imlie sets out on her cycle to meet her, with Agastya following in his car. Their playful banter continues, leading to Agastya singing a song for her. Arriving at Pallo's house, Imlie confronts her about unanswered calls, only to discover a shocking revelation about Bulbul's alleged affair.


The episode concludes with a masked man targeting Chandu, setting the stage for heightened tension. Imlie, noticing the masked man behind Agastya, desperately tries to alert him, foreshadowing a precarious turn of events in the upcoming episode.

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This "article" is nothing more than an episode summary, redundant with the Coolbie's daily topic. Articles should contain news or at least the author's opinion or analysis.

3 months ago

Its Agastya and not Atharva lol

3 months ago

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