Imlie: Imlie is determined to uncover Binni's motives, Surya Reddy makes a heroic entry

Imlie written update, 15th February, 2024: Imlie's is determined to unmask Binni's ulterior motives.

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Daadi forcefully evicts Imlie from the house, accusing her of being responsible for Agastya's death and warning her never to return. Sonali apologizes to Imlie for not allowing her to grieve for Agastya, but Imlie explains that Agastya entrusted her with the responsibility of his family and urged her not to cry. Despite Daadi's decree that she's not welcome back, Imlie resolves to care for them from outside the house.

Surya Reddy makes a heroic entry:

The following morning, Imlie wakes up outside her uncle's house, haunted by memories of the accident. As rain starts, she seeks shelter in the lawn. Bulbul advises her to come inside until the rain stops, but Pallo, resentful of Imlie's in-laws, refuses. Undeterred, Imlie brushes off Pallo's remarks, stating she would have been at work if not for the rain. She prepares to leave for the police station, carrying food. At the market, Inspector Surya Reddy apprehends a thief and returns a stolen phone to a distressed woman. He introduces himself as Senior Inspector Surya Pratap Reddy and breaks into a spontaneous dance.

Imlie's determination to uncover Binni's intentions:

At the police station, Imlie persistently attempts to meet the inspector to file a complaint about the accident, but her efforts are in vain. She then offers gifts to the constables in hopes of gaining access. Eventually, she is forcibly removed from the station, determined to meet the senior officer. Imlie later works at a street food cart, serving aloo poori to her friends. Despite her friendly demeanor, she is focused on investigating Binni, whom she suspects of foul play in Agastya's life. When confronted by Binni, Imlie vows to uncover the truth and protect Agastya's family.


In the teaser, Imlie promises to safeguard Agastya's family, but is startled to find someone entering her house, whom she apprehends and reveals to be Agastya/Surya.

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