Imlie: Imlie ensures Karan of his family's resilience upon knowing of his relationship with Bulbul

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Imlie will be seen ensuring Karan of his family's resilience upon knowing of his relationship with Bulbul.

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Imlie advises Karan to extend an invitation to his girlfriend, Yashi, who hasn't visited their home yet. Govind, Shivani, and Daadi all urge Karan to bring Yashi home. Karan cites Yashi's ongoing exams as a reason for the difficulty. However, Daadi emphasizes the importance of not repeating the mistakes made by Agastya and insists on inviting Yashi home. Karan confronts Imlie for revealing his secret to the family despite their agreement. Imlie defends herself, stating that she hasn't disclosed the truth yet and encourages Karan to either share his relationship with Bulbul or introduce his family to Yashi. Karan expresses concern that Imlie's approach may hurt his family, but she assures him of the family's resilience.

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Vishwa, sensing a potential threat, inspects Agastya's car and finds a mask nearby. He discusses his duty to protect Imlie, suspecting that her life might be in danger since entering the Chaudhry family. Imlie seeks help from Sonali and Shivani, informing them of the tension between Daadi and Agastya. Sonali, however, questions why she should assist Imlie when no one helped her resolve issues with Daadi. Imlie urges them to put aside their differences and reveals the connection between Daadi and Agastya, pointing to Chaudhry Sweets.

In another development, Imlie approaches Agastya, requesting the Chaudhry Sweets laddu recipe for Yashi's visit. Agastya initially suggests ordering from the shop, but Imlie insists on honoring the guest. They engage in a discussion about their pasts, with Imlie tearfully recounting being left in a basket by her parents. Daadi intervenes, scolding Imlie but eventually allowing Agastya to help in making the laddu. As they prepare the sweet dish, tensions rise, and Daadi recalls Agastya's past mistakes.

In an attempt to seek forgiveness, Agastya confronts Daadi with a box containing his past belongings. He emphasizes that his life truly began when Daadi adopted him, and he treasures the memory of his mother. Daadi, affected by his gesture, walks away. In a poignant moment, Agastya burns his old belongings, prompting Imlie to feel sympathy for him.


The episode ends with a preview of Yashi's delayed arrival, Govind's inquiry about her parents, and Bulbul informing Imlie of an intrusion and vandalism in the house.

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