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I'm kind of angry on Fateh; it's bothering me: Ankit Gupta of Udariyaan

Ankit Gupta aka Fateh of Colors’ show ‘Udariyaan’ opens up on his character graph.

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Ankit Gupta

Courtesy : Ankit Gupta's Instagram

Colors’ show ‘Udariyaan’ is getting quite intriguing with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Fateh accepting Jasmine’s love. Fateh is in a dilemma as he is confused between Tejo and Jasmine. In the previous episode, Jasmine staged that Gippy slapped her and the entire family got furious on him. They pushed him out of the house. However, all of it was Jasmine’s plan to get rid of him from her life so that she could start afresh with Fateh. Fateh’s inclination towards Jasmine has left a section of fans disappointed.

India Forums got in touch with Ankit Gupta and asked him about his take on Fateh’s character graph. He said, “Honestly, I’m kind of angry with Fateh (laughs). But it was always a love triangle and I always knew that this is going to happen. I feel bad while doing those scenes. I feel bad for Tejo thinking that Fateh will break her heart. In addition to this, I do method acting, so it’s bothering me too much. There have been times when I breakdown after doing emotional scenes. But audience wants to see drama so here it is. High voltage drama (smiles)”.

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Talking about feedback from fans, Ankit said, “Fans are quite furious on Fateh and they should be. As I said, I am angry on Fateh too. However, as an actor I have to do what is written in script. Only thing I want to say to the viewers is that fans have all the rights to be angry on Fateh but please understand that I’m not Fateh. Fans shouldn’t confuse reel and real-life personalities”.

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anjali1984 1 months ago wow many kids post their comments here. disgusting
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ShanUlas 1 months ago People like Fateh are curse to society but then they exist in plenty. Somebody has to play them onscreen . Actors must ask double pay for doing so , remain neutral and chilled out.
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LostDelirious 1 months ago “But audience wants to see drama so here it is” - - - none of us signed up to watch a ML two timing his wife and his saali 🤢
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LostDelirious 1 months ago “ as an actor I have to do what is written in script” - - - I’m sure sharing Jasfa edits on your insta stories isn’t part of the script is it? You have a choice and you made wrong choices. So maybe get used to hearing, and taking healthy criticism.
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LostDelirious 1 months ago If you continue to share Jasfa edits Ankit then don’t expect Fatejo / Tejo fans to show you any appreciation. You are promoting EMA, Ibaditi Ishq 🤢🤮 galat ko galat hi bolenge whether it’s reel or real.
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LostDelirious 1 months ago Okay so ankit doesn’t want us to be angry on him then maybe stop sharing Jasfa edits unless you yourself approve of the EMA track 👏🏽
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ShanUlas 1 months ago Can we have Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry interview please.
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suresh555 1 months ago The stupid writers keep messing up a plot that had fresh stories at start. This is a rehash of the movie Aaina, where they have a selfish sister and a kind sister and a man stuck between them.
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sheet_leher 1 months ago Kind of angry at Fateh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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DreamTen 1 months ago If he s so angry on Fateh then he should stop reposting Jasfa stories
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