If SRK can do it, I can do it too!

Samir Sharma, aka Capt Naveen Singh Ahuluwalia of left Right Left, speaks up on fitness on Fitness Mantra this week.

How do you keep fit?
I have not been a fitness freak as such. I have been blessed with good genes, have always been on the leaner side and never put on weight. Even as a child, I was very healthy and fit and engaged in a lot of sports and other extra curricular activities. Hence I never gave that much thought to working out, or following any exercise routine.
So have things changed or are you still the same?
Yes, now things have changed. Lately, I realised that I should start taking care of my body, as I have become more careful about how I look and how I present myself. With the kind of work culture we have, long shooting schedules, ungodly hours, this can take a toll on the healthiest of people. So now I have started following a strict exercises routine.
What's your exercises schedule?
I work out two hours each day six days a week. I alternate between cardio and weight. One day in a week, I take off.
Any changes in your diet to suit your exercises program?
Just as I did not pay attention to exercising, diet wise too, I would eat anything. However, now I strictly follow my instructor's instructions. Instead of heavy meals three times a day, I take 5-6 smaller meals. I don't give in to hunger pangs, instead eat only what my body needs. Also, I pay close attention to what I am eating, how much protein, or fibre, whether it's low carb etc. I have always been a healthy eater, but I am now more in control of what I eat.
Any new thing you have introduced in your diet?
Yes. Earlier I was not aware that I am lactose intolerant. So, now instead of milk, I drink lassi three times a day, which is not only tastier, but gives much in terms of nutrition. I also make sure I include salads and sprouts in my meals. I have always loved fruits, so they again are in integral part of my diet.
Was it difficult to start this excercise regime?
Initially, it was extremely tough. I would be so tired, even irritated. After the exercises, I used to be washed out and crash on the bed, and not want to get up. My muscles would be so sore. Gradually, it became all right, and now I look forward to my time in gym. It feels great!
Have you noticed any difference?
Yes, remarkable difference. I feel completely charged up, my stamina has improved leaps and bounds. Plus I have become aware of the needs of my own body, food groups etc. Initially, It was difficult, but the best thing that I have learnt is discipline.
Have you been inspired any anyone to start this exercises regime or did you just start it on your own?
To be very honest, it's a combination of both my desire to be fit and inspiration.
A) I told my self that I have taken my body for granted long enough, and it's high time I started taking care of it.
B) It's SRK. Man! If Shahrukh Khan can get six packs abs at the age of 40-41, being 12 years younger, I can certainly do something about being fit too! He is my greatest inspiration !
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go for it! we miss u in kggk!
n yeah if srk can do it been 40!!! or more n heck u can hands down

16 years ago

thank you sooo much...and i'm looking forward to his stronger physiche

16 years ago

Well srk can do a lot of things which others cant...........Man....srk is like really something else and incomparable!!

Hey thanx for the ghostly interview!! hehehe!! nice to see the ghost again!!

16 years ago

Thanks a lott for bhoot bhaiyaa's interview :)

16 years ago

I agree with him. I am sure SRK is an inspiration to many these days!

Nice article!

16 years ago

he's cute!!! awesome fitness mantra! thanx for the article!

16 years ago

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