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If I Were... with Deepa Parab

Find out what's on Deepa Parab's mind, with this week's IF I WERE...

Published: Monday,Aug 20, 2007 01:33 AM GMT-06:00
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Find out what's on Deepa Parab's mind. What are her likes? Dislikes? and much more. Read on to find out more.
If I were to make my own television show, I would title it as: Manini, swabhimaani

If I were to pick one television actor/actress for biggest looser it would be: None

If I were to lock one television personality in the Big Boss house, it would be: me, as I am an Aloof person, so I wont fight with anyone.

If I were to play a character from a book, it would be: I like a Marathi book, called - Zumber, and there is a chiropractor that I like the most. She’s a doctor.

If I were to change, one thing about my career field, it would be: I don’t like daily shows, I would like to make them into weekly.

If I were to pick one of my roles that I dislike, it would be: my role in Taqwa

If I were to re telecast one show already ended, it would be: Reth and Noopur

If I were given a day without rules, the first thing I would do is: Go out of India.

Deepa sure is a big fan for - Reth, well, so are we. For more gup shups with your favorite stars, stay tunned to TellyBuzz.

Deepa Parab

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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 16 years ago I am huge fan of ajay and kajol. all the best to them.
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Fiza @*Fiza* 16 years ago He is a mindblowing actor... all the best to him!
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lovey @l0vey 15 years ago i liked her in reth! with diwakar :)
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Jas @Jaslove 16 years ago wow

she is one smart gal & pretty too.
thanks for the article
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RAJ @raj_lee97 16 years ago I liked her acting as a snena in TKTG
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Arra Dollie @insia12 16 years ago aww even i miss reth....thx 4 the article
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aisha_95 @aisha_95 16 years ago wow .. thanks for the article.. she rocked in Reth!!
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago I would love to see her in BB!..it can make one heck of an annoying person out of anyone!

I also don't like daily shows much..weeklies are most interesting to watch!

& RETH!..OHHMIGOSH!..i loved that show!..I would love repeats!
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago oh wow!!! im glad she would re telecast Reth...that was one amazing show.... she was awesome in the show
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sonia @**sanya** 16 years ago i like her

i think shes pretty
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