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'I was the Sone ki ande dene wali murgi for my mom' - Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant on her mother Jaya Sawant's entry into the Bigg Boss house...

Published: Tuesday,Oct 06, 2009 19:37 PM GMT-06:00
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Rakhi Sawant, who has just got back after shooting for NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh is pretty much shocked to see her mother Jaya Sawant in the Bigg Boss house.

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Admitting to the problems that the daughter and mother had earlier, Rakhi states, "Yes, it is true that my mother and I had some problems. But here we have a third party taking advantage of the whole situation. I was extremely shocked to see my mother in the Bigg Boss house. I never knew she is going to be seen there".

Rakhi however, is glad that her mother will now know her real value. "She will now understand how I have struggled in reality shows like Bigg Boss to earn all the money I did. It's not easy to live in the house where one day is equal to living one year. Bigg Boss literally takes the life out of you and tortures you mentally. One will not be allowed to sleep, laugh or even cry", expresses Rakhi.

Ask her whether she has seen her mother cry in the house praying for her daughter's well being, Rakhi says, "This is not new to me. I have grown up seeing her cry for every small thing. Having said this, I appeal to the junta not to judge anyone based on his/her tears. Before coming to a judgment, please do hear what I have to say about the whole thing. Which daughter would want to live away from her family and spend a life all alone? I have struggled all my life and have gone thro' all hardships. I have sacrificed a lot for my mother, sister, brother, bhabhi and their kids all my life. I moved away from them only when I was tired living my life for them. Tell me, why will my mother not cry? For her, I am a 'Sone ka ande dene wali murgi'. She was the reason why Abhishek and I parted ways. She did not want anyone to be close with me; she just wanted to use me to the fullest. I make a plea to the junta not to go by my fashion, bold look, but see my heart which is pure".

Rakhi goes on. "I am concerned about my mother's health. She has a lot of health problems; she has this diabetes problem, has low BP and gets headache quite frequently. She has to sleep for at least two hours in the afternoon so that she is fresh. She needs injections and medications whenever ill. Above all, I fear that being in the Bigg Boss house she might open up and say many things against me which will eventually hurt me. But I know I am on the right path, and have been forgiven by Jesus for the sins I have committed earlier. I have proven to be a good daughter, and I was a good mother too in the show Pati Patni aur Woh".

Rakhi Sawant had a message for Big B too. "Being the host of the show means that, you have taken a big responsibility on your shoulders. The manner in which Big B welcomed all the guests, with so much humility even after being the Superstar was nice to watch. I have never seen an anchor like this before. I even remember the incident when my mother's mother was admitted in Breach Candy Hospital years back, and was in need of 2 Lakhs ofr a surgery, and Amitabh ji had given us the money then. I again seek his help to take care of my mother in the house. She needs his help for survival in the house; I request him to take care of her health. She does not even know to talk English. She has gathered all the confidence and gone there. I don't know whether her real motive in going there is to talk ill of me, or it is to make money. Whatever be the motive, I am very proud of my mother. I love her, and I would request my fans and public to give her all the support and votes that they have showered on me from time to time".

Lastly, talking about the best people who are suited to be in the house, Rakhi states "Every minister of our country should be caught and thrown into the house, so that he/she calms down and gets better. This way our country will also improve".

Reporter: Ashima Mishra
Author: Ranjini Nair

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rekhasharma 13 years ago "I would request my fans and public to give her all the support and votes that they have" What is she talking about? Does she have any FANS? I really wonder. She must be knowing her worth now that her mother has been ousted from BB 3 inspite of her "fans".
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Girl_2007 13 years ago wow she really talks much.. o_o.. :)) good
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BayAreaGuru 13 years ago it is difficult to believe what rakhi says
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k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 13 years ago I seriously dun undertsand rakhi.. sumtym she say she audience support 4 her mom n b4 dat she was telling nt 2 go wid tears in mine mom eyes. she n her mom is really a drama queen...
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phadukaran 13 years ago this is definitely the real rakhi,. and she didn't say that she hates her mother, she has parted away from her. and is living independently, why make fuss about it, when today it's a trend to put your parents in old aged home to live independently, at least rakhi hasn't done that.
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Jessuu 13 years ago i dont get it..first she says not to give her vote..than she says to give her vote? wierd and definantly fake lady.
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SecretKhabri420 13 years ago Such a nautanki, she is a big time loser, even her mom too.........
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Ishan. 13 years ago how can someone hate his/her own mother ???
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bips 13 years ago maybe her mother used her .... or maybe rakhi is using her mother to gather even more sympathy and more attention. ... the way rakhi is talking, as if she is some seedhi-saadhi bechaari naari who was exploited by her own family. As if she is so shareef that she will sweetly give all her money to her family to spend .... what a dramebaaz!

how can anyone disrespect their own mother on national tv is beyond me. trashy!

i can't believe i'm saying this but i'll give her mom the benefit of doubt on this one.
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Bee3nazz 13 years ago i mean my mum is this and that and think before u fall for her tears, and then doing a full turn at the end she asks for her fans to show her mum a little support?

oh and ofcourse we have to through in our connections to the big stat Big B!!!
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