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'I want to learn many things about acting' - Rishma Roshlani

Rishma Roshlani, the bubbly Divya of Star Plus' Chand Chupa Badal Main in a conversation with Telly Buzz..


Acting is not a new thing for young and lively Rishma Roshlani who is playing second lead Divya in Rajan Shahi's recently launched show Chand Chupa Badaal Main on Star Plus. A teacher by profession, Rishma always wanted to be an actor. 

Here is Rishma sharing some interesting facts about her.

Tell us something about yourself.
I was born and brought up in Mumbai; I was in AVM School and then completed my graduation in Arts from Mithibai College. I did majors in Political science, then did a diploma in Early Childcare Education for one year from SNDT College. I love kids, so opened my own nursery and playgroup called Bambino, which is situated in Andheri.

What made you become an actor?
I always wanted to be an actor, you can say that it is in my blood, my maternal grandfather Manmohan was a known actor. He has done movies like Aradhana, Bombay to Goa and many others. But none of my family members were into acting. My father has his own business, my sister was creative head at Star and I have a younger brother who is still studying. Once I had given an audition for Star, and they had kept it in their bank. I had completely forgotten about it, but then I guess my pictures were passed on to Director's Kut. They asked me to come for an audition and in a day I was selected for this role.

Did anyone help you to get this role?
Nobody. I do not know anyone in the television industry at all. I got this role only because of my sheer luck. I did go for a look test once, and the next day I had my contract in my hand. I consulted my parents and they told me if I want to go for it, I should not leave this opportunity. I never do anything without taking consent from my parents. It is my dream come true and I am really happy about it.

Tell us about your character Divya?
I am playing Divya who is playful and chirpy. What bonds her most with her sister Nivedita is the sensitivity. Both of them are very sensitive, the only difference is that Divya knows where and in front of whom she can show her emotions. She too gets hurt and feels bad but she is a mature girl. Her brother is her big support system.

How did you prepare yourself for this role?
This is my first show and I did not take any kind of training before signing it. However Rajan sir had arranged a workshop for us with Amardeep madam. She trained us for eight days. It really helped us to improve. She trained us in dialogue delivery and dialects.

What kind of a response are you getting from audience?
You will not believe it, but I am already getting fan mails. I do not know from where they have got my number and address and when I asked few of them they told me that they figured it out on their own. My family feels that it is hilarious to read these mails and I am amused that people have started recognizing me so soon. But I feel nice too.

Do you miss your routine, the days when you were not acting?
Yes I cannot say no to it. My friends are very angry with me; I often cancel all meetings with them. Currently they were in Goa and to make me feel jealous they called me frequently to tell me how they were enjoying. When I ignored their calls, they sent me messages. I feel that once our show gets properly established I will be able to give them time. I feel bad that I can't hang out, but it is fine. We have to balance things in our life.

Tell us something about your nature
I am a very talkative person; I can talk to anyone for a long time. Once we all were boarding a flight, and missed it and had to sit separately. I was just 9 then and was traveling with my family. I had to sit next to a foreigner couple and through out the journey I spoke so much to them, that they later gave me chocolates and found me cute. I am crazy for chocolates, and many a times it has so happened that strangers have paid for my chocolates just because they found me cute. I value my family and relation. I am an independent girl and hard working too.

How do you spend your free time?
I just sleep or go to visit my play group, otherwise I was into many sports .I played throw ball at state level from Maharashtra. I was an athlete too. I represented Mumbai for 200m and 400 m competition. I am a big movie freak; I keep watching movies with my friends and family.

What are your future plans?
There are no plans as such as I have just started my career. Let's see where my life will take me. I would love to do a reality show. I have heard that it is fun to be part of reality show. If it happens then I will do it. At this moment I want to learn many things about acting.

Who are your closest co-stars on the show?
Everyone is sweet. When I was taking up this show everyone warned me that it is a big bad world, but I did not feel so. Tarun who plays my younger brother is identical to my real brother Karan. He keeps teasing me and it is has been 3-4 months that we know each other, but it feels that I know him from ages. I share my room with Neha Sargam, she is a nice girl and we hang out together.


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ralph998 10 years ago you act very well and acting is fabulous keep it up.
colourz 10 years ago u r vert pretty and sweet.....and yr acting is fab tooo good.
rusksp 10 years ago rishma u r my favourite in ccbm u r very good
rockinMJHT 10 years ago she's very sweet.........and a gud actress.......
Shaz_x 10 years ago You're much better than Nivi. Please do a role where you are the main lead :)
mushiroxx 10 years ago i love her as divya. she is so sweet.2010-08-23 23:19:07
Shaina_b 10 years ago She looks better than the female lead!!!!

zara_11 10 years ago I'm glad to hear that's she's having fun, about the fan mail, once u comeon star plus U GET DOZENS OF FAN MAII!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethereal-Path 10 years ago dats sweet .. Smile..god bless her ..!
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