I used to play Ram during my childhood days: Gagan Malik

Tellybuzz in talks with Gagan Malik who has been roped in to play Ram in Zee TV’s Ramayan…

Zee TV brings back the golden days with the launch of its all new Ramayan series titled as Sabke Jeevan Ka Aadhar - Ramayan. The viewers are eager to know about the actor who will be playing the role  of Lord Ram in the show. Gagan Malik who was last seen playing the role of Amar in Star Plus' Navya has been roped in to play Lord Ram in the show. We quizzed Gagan to know more about his character, preparations, journey from a common man to becoming Lord Ram and much more….

How did you get selected to play Ram?

I was selected to play this role after a long process. The audition went on for three months. The first thing they were looking for was the look and then the interaction. They were also looking for the physique whether it is proportionate or not. After taking all these things into account, they looked for the acting skills. When I came into the costume, I saw a shine of satisfaction in the eyes of the judges.

Did you have to do any preparations before playing this role?

I belong to Delhi and we used to have a centre that used to organize Dussehra and other holy events. I would always play the role of Ram and Krishna in those events and I feel that all these have paid off (smiles). After the selection, I have lost weight around 6-7 Kgs. I used to be muscular before this. I need to look lean because Ram went to the forest where it was hard to get food. So, I had to loose weight to get into my character.

You resemble Mahadev of Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev which is played by Mohit Raina. Any comments?

Yes, my Mom has received too many calls saying that Gagan is playing Shiv and she used to deny it. But now she can say with confidence that he is essaying the role of Ram. She is a Ram bhakt and she has read Ramayan more than 200 times and has also written the word Ram around 2 crore times. Now she must be happy that she can see her son in the form of in the serial. 

Have you ever read the Ramayan?

No, I haven't read it completely. But I have started reading it now. I know the entire story because I used to listen it from my Mom.

What was the most appealing aspect about Lord Ram? 

He was the man who always supported the truth. It is written that, "Sach ka saath do, satya kaho aur satya ke saath chalo, antim vijay hamesha satya ki hi hoti hai" and he believes in having only one wife.

Are you feeling any changes in yourself after playing this role?

After I have got selected to play this role, I am not having non veg. cuisines. It is not that I have taken a pledge against it but I just happen to follow it.  I have stopped shouting at other people or at my spot boys. I have become a very calm person.

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal


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Comments (18)

Love You Gagan, Your The Best Shri Ram Ever. (:

10 years ago

Gagan is doing fabulous job as Lord Rama...The calmness is so infectious..I love Gagan and wish him the best on Ramayana..

11 years ago

@anjanayyz agreed with ur comment on gagan...ur personal choice but whats that dtiching the wife in the forest..i guess it is in the context of lord shri rama...well lord rama never ever once doubted the devotion of sitaji he did it becoz to bring the ramrajya in his country...ramrajya the ideal state the state where democracy rules...the govt thats is essentially of the ppl by the ppl for the ppl..it was ppl of ayodhya who didnt wanted sitaji as their queen it was their wish...and lord rama fullfilled their wish...the wish that lead to destruction of ramrajya...it was the way by which lord rama made ppl understand the consequence of their deed...ppl always get what they want...they wanted sitaji in exile and she was sent henceforth.the consequence they realize later by losing their their goddess like queen and complelling their lord their king to live in agony and pain...lord rama was not only the husband but also the ruler the king the father whose foremost duty is to serve the country first nothing comes between the karma
... regarding ideal husband he could have married other woman but he never ever looked beyond sita...i suggest do read ramayan before commenting such shallow remarks

11 years ago

Navya rocks!!and It's nice to learn that Gagan's been offered Ramayan...hope he lives up to the expectations!all the very best to him!

11 years ago

Wish you the best in all the shows. Such an amazingly hot and romantic actor.

11 years ago

hahahaha - he used to shout at spot boys b4
As for the 1 wife thing... it doesn't count when you ditch her in the forest

11 years ago

All the best to those actors who is playing Ram &Sita.I wish they will do justic &they put 100% efforts to potray theis characters.

11 years ago

gagan looks good ..all the best to you...

11 years ago

copy cats devon ke dev mahadev is the best!!

11 years ago

Gud wishes for ua new show Gagan :)

11 years ago

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